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Gel Breast Form And Hip Pad Kit
    Gel Breast Form And Hip Pad Kit
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    • SKU: Gel-Breast-Form-And-Hip-Pad-Kit
      Gel Breast Form And Hip Pad Kit

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    Enhance your curves and bust instantly with our amazing gel technology! Our exclusive kit for cross-dressing men and trans-women includes a pair of ultra-gel triangle breast forms with dark nipple, gel hip and butt enhancing pads, tacky adhesive that can be re-positioned on your body and baby powder to keep your gel enhancements looking new for years. These gel enhancements are made in the USA, and are designed to feel lifelike and realistic. They have a skin-like matte finish, not the shiny plastic look you get from other silicone products. Breast form sizes are approximate as follows: Xtra-Small A Cup, Small- B Cup, Medium- C Cup, Large-D Cup. Hip Pad dimensions: 11 1/2x 5 1/2x1 1/2. 
    Prices start at only $158.00 for the entire kit!
    Ships discreetly from the USA exclusively for SOR/Cross-Dress.