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Ultimate Eyebrow Extension Gel

Ultimate Eyebrow Extension Gel
    Ultimate Eyebrow Extension Gel
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    Ultimate Eyebrow Fiber Extension Gel!

    Our Ultimate Eyebrow Extention Gel will give you natural looking eyebrows instantly! The gel is infused with hair-like fibers!

    Makes even the thinnest eyebrows instantly thick, full and natural-looking. 

    Now you can have fuller, more feminine eyebrows and fill in thin brows!

    •  Fiber-infused formula adheres naturally to hairs.

    •  Adds volume and definition.

    •  Lasts longer than eyebrow powder and looks more natural than
        eyebrow pencils or color gels.                                                                                               

    •  Change the shape of your brows.

    •  Transfer-Proof & Water-Proof.

    •  No adhesive only conditioning gel with natural extracts.

    • 1-Step Application fills in your empty brows.


    A blend of hair-like brow fibers, combined with a specifically formulated eyebrow gel. Brow Gel is rich in Aloe and Keratin that helps to create healthy-looking brows both short & long term. Gel is long-lasting and sweat resistant.The applicator picks up hairs from the jar and transfers them directly onto the eyebrows filling and shaping them for a natural look.


    Lightly stroke through your brow with precision tip applicator to define, shape and build fullness.


    1. Clean eyebrows with a clean cloth

    2. Twist brush off from cap then open container. Dip the brush into the fiber gel and place on brow spatula. Close container to keep gel from drying.

    3. Pick up a few brow fibers from spatula and place onto the desired brow area. Apply a little at a time not in big clumps . Lightly stroke vertically at inner brow and horizontally across the middle and      ends. Starting at the inner edge of your brow working outwards, repeat to add desired fullness.

    4. Tidy up any stray eyebrows , after brow fibers set and dry. Lightly apply damp tissue on brows to remove any extra gel residue.

    5. Remove easily with warm water.

    Our kit includes:

    Ultimate Eyebrow Extension Gel In Dark Brunette (more colors coming soon)
    Instruction Sheet