Crossdressing Dresses, Skirts and Blouses

Crossdressing clothing is our largest shopping department, and we are proud to offer many styles designed by Cross-Dress, and manufactured here in the USA to fit a man's body. Our skirts, dresses and blouses for men are just asw feminine as any woman's off the rack garment, except we make our styles with longer sleeves, wider bust lines to accommodate silicone breast forms and slimmer waist lines. Using soft, stretchable material is key to producing a comfortable and well-fitting feminine garment for men., Below you will find different "departments" to shop in for our complete line of affordable, beautiful female clothing for men.

CrossDressing Dresses & Gowns is proud to design and produce many of our dresses especially to fit a man's figure. We make sleeves longer, chests wider and necks higher so you can achieve that feminine look you desire in clothing that fits. We offer both long and short sleeve dresses, and even designs that will hold our breast forms!

Crossdresser Lingerie

When you want to get into something soft and silky, we have the perfect selection of robes, baby dolls and even playful maid suits! Pair the lingerie with one of our affordable wigs for a totally new look!

Plus Size Skirts For Men

Mini, Pencil, Pleated, School makes them all! We design and manufacture our skirts right here in the USA, in many sizes and colors. Our extensive skirt collection is the perfect match for a sensuously soft blouse, and a new pair of heels to make your legs look like a million dollars.

Crossdresser Tops and Blouses

Gorgeous styles made to fit your body! Our tops and blouses suit every fashion personality; from animal prints, to soft lace, to stretch denim. Longer sleeves and higher necks make our own designs sexy and wearable! Pair our tops and blouses with a new mini skirt and don't forget your neck. has a wide selection of affordable jewelry and stunning necklaces to complete your look.