Crossdresser Jewelry

Crossdresser jewelry for your ears, neck and hands! Our beautiful selection of jewelry will accessorize and outfit. We offer feminine jewelry that will fit a man's physique. All of our earring are Clip-Ons so you do not have to worry about pierced ears. We also offer earring converters so you can turn any store bought post earring into a clip-on earring! Our rings are adjustable so they can fit most fingers, our necklaces are longer so they will fit your neck, and don't forget to make your wrists look lady-like with our bracelets. Whatever your style, Cross-Dress will help you sparkle!
Price: $8.99
The Hope Diamond Ring
Price: $8.99
Gold Brush Necklace
Price: $8.99
Pearl Choker Necklace
Price: $8.99
Silver Brush Necklace
Price: $8.99
Jewelry Grab Bag
Price: $14.99
Neck Hiding Necklace Set
Price: $26.99
Four Bracelet Set
Price: $12.99
Double Hoops Clip On Set
Price: $10.00
10 Row Rhinestone Choker
Price: $29.99
2 Pack Anklets
Price: $8.00
Clip-On Rhinestone Hoops
Price: $15.00
Rhinestone Anklet
Price: $8.99
Rhinestone Pinky Ring
Price: $9.00
Ring Set
Price: $20.00
Long Pearl Necklace
Price: $9.00
Eight Ring Collection
Price: $20.00
Toe Ring Collection
Price: $8.99
2 Piece Pearl Set
Price: $10.99