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Crossdressing Stories

Stories about crossdressing and feminizing for pleasure. We are always taking new submissions! Please email your story to us at [email protected] and it might be published. All stories will be published anonymously.
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A Day Out For Stephanie

Posted by Miss Stephanie
As I pulled up to the address on the email receipt that I received, I almost decided to bail out as my anxiety grew and go back to my hotel. What was I about to do today? read more >

Wedding Belles Part 1

"What a wedding? Really? What's the big deal you never went to a wedding before?"
read more >

Relieving Some Pressure 18+

It was late, I was listening to music, I was in my short white nightgown drinking coffee. read more >

Beauty Parlor Nightmare

I miss getting my haircut at the barbers. Getting my hair cut by a woman makes me feel like I’m a woman. read more >

The Promotion

“One foot in front of the other, see?” Marta said. “You’re a woman now, so sway those hips!” read more >

Daddy Dearest

I know I’m not the best husband in the world, or the best father, but I don’t deserve this. My daughter Sabrina (who really is a teenage witch) turned me into a woman; genetically female in every detail. read more >

Mommy's Little Girl

Mom always wanted a girl, ever since she was one herself. So imagine how she felt when, at age 40, she found herself stuck with a son. She was disappointed and she never let me forget it. read more >

Next In Line (18+ Content)

Next In Line (18+ Content)
Light flooded into the club as the door swung open, blinding anyone who looked in that direction for just an instant. Silhouetted for a second in front of the outside glare, a vision of heaven was briefly visible. read more >

Found Out

Caught in the act by his girlfriend and made to enjoy every minute while wearing her clothes! read more >

Making The Sale

I suppose I should have listened to my inner voice warning me not to go in but I didn't. I stepped into the upscale women's clothing store just to look around. The store had just opened and I saw that Liz was working today.  read more >