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Crossdressing Stories

Stories about crossdressing and feminizing for pleasure. We are always taking new submissions! Please email your story to us at [email protected] and it might be published. All stories will be published anonymously.
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My First Time In Panties (Adult 18+)

My first time wearing panties...The memories are just as sweet today as my

days back in the dorm...

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Crossdressing Confessions Part One

Here are some confessions about crossdressing. These are real stories from real men...ADULT MATERIAL!

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Samantha's First Time

It was an ordinary Saturday lunchtime for Edward, he was having lunch at a restaurant with his female friend Lisa. He was a young 24 and she a young 25, their relative closeness in age a result of both meeting at first year of college. read more >

The Maid

 “So why exactly did you bring me here?” Alice questioned as Gloria led her through the large mansion where her friend lived. read more >

Head Of The Class

 I had just hit the best homerun of my life. I tore through the bases, not watching the ball as it soared above the head of the outfielder. As I reached third base, the pitcher had gotten the ball. I could risk it all, or play it safe. I decided to go for it. read more >

Krystal's Crossdressing Story

How I first found out I was Born in the wrong body. It all started on a summer day I was 5 years old, I was just a child .It was 9 am my mom dropped me off at her mother’s house. I was there for the day. At around noon we sat down for lunch and I told my grandmother that I felt strange and that I did not understand my feelings at this point. read more >

Crossdressing True Confessions, Part Two

I had some difficulty getting in on the driver-side; it was very unlady-like. I moved the seat back and adjusted everything to accommodate my size. Then I practiced both getting in and exiting the small car. It took me about a half hour to get it down right, although, I could still be doing something wrong. I had to get my brain around moving and reacting as a woman would do. read more >

Crossdressing True Confessions, Part One

I really loved my wife; she was the most beautiful creature I have ever known. Tall, brunette and the longest legs you have ever seen. Myrtle's beautiful face is framed by her gorgeous brown hair. She was about 5'8" and had a great ass. Her curves were soft and very feminine, not a big chest but nice and perky tits I loved to play with. read more >

How I Became A Sissy Crossdresser

I was five when I first discovered the huge and heavy Sears Catalogue. I was intrigued by several pages of ladies in various posses of undress. The sight of girdles and bras and panties and garter belts and then over a couple of pages, silky slips and camisoles and finally nighties......Lace, lace, lace, and silk. On the first occasion I had I went through my fosters mother's drawer and lifted and felt these mysterious garments. One late Friday I was sitting in a chair with the catalogue open on my lap. read more >

Why I Wear Pantyhose

I am a man who absolutely adores wearing sexy pantyhose on a regular basis. I wear pantyhose in the privacy of my own home but also under clothes when I am out and about, this makes me feel especially naughty. Pantyhose for men make me get that feminine vibe and I love the feel of them against my freshly shaved legs. I like to parade around in the mirror in my pantyhose, they make my legs look so sexy that I can't help but to stroke them and things sometimes go even further than that. read more >