Crossdressing Tips

Crossdressing tips and advice to help you look your feminine best. Our article base is full of helpgul hints on makeup application, finding the right dress size, choosing the perfect breast forms for men and the transgender lifestyle. We update our articles on a regular basis, and invite our costumers to enjoy our helpful selection.

A Cross-Dresser Guide To The Perfect Shave

You may have seen the cross-dresser who from the neck down has the beautiful body, looks good in lingerie and then you see that he cross-dresses with a full beard. These men are called gender bender cross-dressers. They retain their manly face with a mustache or full beard. Another type of cross-dresser is the man who prefers to look like a woman from head to toe. read more >

Skirts For Men, How To Pick The Right Style

Nothing is more flirty - or more feminine - than a skirt. You can build an entire outfit around a great one and enhance a perky walk with a little bump of the hips. Such a wonderful piece of clothing! Here at Cross-Dress we design and manufacture our skirts here in the USA in measurements to fit a man, which makes your male to female transformation easy and fun! read more >

Male Breast Enhancement By Using Glandulars

There's a lot that one can do with clothes, makeup and attitude when it comes to crossdressing. However, many men like to take it another step and help their bodies take on a more typically feminine appearance. If you are not ready to consider invasive and surgical methods, an all natural glandular regimen could be the answer for you to achieve larger breasts, softer skin, thinner male pattern hair and a more filled out buttocks and hips. read more >

Corsets for Men: A Crossdresser's Guide to Cinching

Waist cinching first began in the Victorian era when a tiny waist was the epitome of fashion for high-born ladies, but today's crossdresser can make use of this practice to enhance femininity and look more attractive than ever. Like the noble ladies of our past, modern men who practice crossdressing have come to embrace the indispensible art of cinching for the way it makes them look and the way it makes them feel. Corsets for men, foundation undergarments and other cinching apparel effectively turn a male waistline into a shapely, feminine-looking form. Some people use corsets or cinching only when they want to look womanly for a night on the town, but many others use these techniques to reshape and maintain girlish waistlines for a lifetime. read more >

Breast Forms for Men: How to Have a Natural Looking Chest

Creating an appropriately feminine body shape is one of the most important aspects of crossdressing. Since most men have flat chests that refuse to fill out their garments, they often choose to pad their bras, but using breast forms for men may offer a more satisfying and comfortable solution. While padded bras can temporarily enhance femininity for a crossdresser, they can be difficult to manage and are prone to shifting, which immediately destroys the illusion these men seek to create. An unruly padded or stuffed bra also takes away from the pleasure and sense of belonging that cross dressing and transgender individuals feel when they wear women's clothing. read more >

Female Clothes For Men: What Every Crossdresser Should Know

Contrary to popular belief, crossdressing requires a great deal of effort to be pulled off successfully. One area that presents a challenge to most crossdressers is finding female clothes for men that will enhance the look of femininity. The male physique is quite a bit different from the female body, making it necessary to alter fashion trends to suit the crossdressing man. Also, manufacturers' sizing typically varies by a considerable amount so this system is not foolproof. read more >

When Does Cross Dressing Begin?

It is clear that cross dressers don't just wake up one day to find that they have an urge to dress in women's clothes. So, when does it all begin? read more >

How To Measure Your Bra Size

One of the first items of clothing many men choose when they start cross dressing is a bra. Of course, you might try to sneak your sister's or mother's bra the first few times to see how they look, but as you get older and a little more "experienced", you will want to find a pretty bra that fits you perfectly. Here is how to measure yourself for a bra: read more >

Tips for Choosing The Right Gaff

The last thing any girl wants is to have the masculine “bulge” showing when she’s wearing a skirt, dress, pants or any feminine clothing! It is a dilemma for some men, and not so much for others. Men who strictly stay indoors to cross dress are sometimes not as concerned with that part of their anatomy, but we’ve found that most men want their fronts to be smooth and as flat as possible! Some men tape their genitals back, but why go through a process that can be uncomfortable and messy when you can simply buy an undergarment that will achieve the same results? That’s why many men choose to own at least one gaff panty to do the trick. read more >