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My First Time As A Girl X-Rated Part 1

By: Rayne

The time in question I was just turned 17 years of age and living with my parents and elder sister in Cornwall. I spent a lot of my spare time helping out at a small caravan site in the woods close to my house and got on well with John, the owner of the site. John was in his late 20's or early 30's and was a good-looking guy and very pleasant to work with. One day when we had finished up doing some site clearance, we returned to his apartment above the site office for a hot drink and sat on the sofa having a cup of tea and watching some TV. I had noticed John looking at me closely lately but had thought nothing about it but this was to change in a strange way on this day. John had been sitting on the opposite end of the sofa to me but suddenly he moved up to sit really close and put his arm around my shoulders and pulled me closer to him and started to stroke my thigh through my jeans. I pulled away and said that I was not dressed right for what it was he was looking for and he smiled and asked me if I would be interested if I was dressed as he wished. I should say at this point, that the previous year, Jan my sister had persuaded me to dress as a girl and go out for Halloween with her for trick or treat, and I had really enjoyed the feeling of the girl's clothes and makeup and had taken every opportunity since then to wear whatever items of her clothes that I could get my hands on and also experimented with makeup. I had been on dates with girls and even had sex with one of my girlfriends, but had never really felt entirely satisfied and I had to admit to myself that when in a dress and makeup I had often wondered what it would be like to be the female in a partnership so I hesitantly said to John that I was willing to try if he really wanted me to. He was very pleased at this and said that if I was sure, could I ask my parents if I could spend the weekend at the site as he had a big job to do and could do with my help fulltime. If I would show up on the site early on the Saturday morning, he would have everything ready for our game. Over the next few days, I thought a lot about the coming weekend and wondering what would come of the time spent with John. Did he want me to act as his girlfriend and if so, how far would he want to take the relationship, I decided that whatever he had in mind I would be happy to take in my stride as I was sure that John would never push me beyond my limits so on the Saturday morning I turned up at the site at just before 8am and went straight to the apartment where John was waiting for me with a big smile on his face. He told me to go and take a hot bath and shave all over although I did not at the time have a great deal of bodily hair and to then use the scented Talc he had left out and then go into the bedroom here he had laid out the clothing he wanted me to wear and then join him in the sitting room. I drew a deep hot bath and added plenty of sweet-smelling bath salts and climbed in to soak in the perfumed water, using a razor and shaving foam that John had left for me I proceeded to shave all the hair from my body, arms and legs until I was totally smooth and then climbed out of the bath and patted myself dry before dusting myself down with the talcum powder he had supplied. Wrapping a towel around myself I then went back into the bedroom to begin my transformation into John's girlfriend. I was so excited to see just what clothing was waiting for me and I was not to be disappointed at all. The bed was covered with an array of lingerie, and dresses that any young women would have been over the moon to own. In the centre was a cardboard box with a big C printed on it. I opened this first to find a pair

of "C" cup silicone breast forms together with adhesive and instructions to apply them and also some special makeup to cover the join when wearing them Following the instructions, I sprayed the back of the first breast with the adhesive and then lay on my back on the bed, When the adhesive was tacky I carefully placed the breast in position on my chest making sure that the edges were firmly against my own skin, when satisfied with the result I followed the same procedure with the second breast and waited a short while until I was completely satisfied that the breasts were firmly attached and then used the makeup to camouflage the area where they joined my skin. When I sat up again, I was amazed at the weight of them on my chest and reached out for the beautiful lacy black bra that was part of the garments supplied. Having often worn a bra in the past I was able to put it on easily and attach the Hooks at the back, it felt so different however to have two beautiful breasts to settle in the bra cups and to see for the first time my own cleavage, Going through the other underwear, I selected a pair of black ruffled panties and a matching suspender belt, John had supplied both Tights and also stockings but for some reason I selected the stockings as I felt that they were more sexy and would make him fancy me more. I put on the suspender belt and then took up the black sheer stockings. Rolling the first into a doughnut shape I rolled it up my shaved leg and ten spent some time figuring out how to attach it to the suspender tab as this was my first-time wearing stockings. Eventually I managed and the second stocking went on much faster and I loved the way tey felt on my shaved legs, Next came the ruffled panties and when these were on, I couldn't resist looking at myself in the full-length mirror on the wardrobe. I was delighted at what I was looking at as with the false breasts I looked completely feminine from the neck down,I decided that this was the time to do my makeup so sat so sat down at the vanity table where there was a huge array of makeup items laid out for me to use, Luckily My sister had already taught me all the basics for using makeup when she got me dolled up for the Halloween outing so I was able to do a good job of it without making too many mistakes. First came a foundation makeup which I used to smooth out my complexion and this I set using a powder, next was my eyes, I used two shades of blue eyeliner on my eyelids which I blended in and this I followed with a black eyeliner which I winged out past the outer edge of my eyes. John had left a set of long false eyelashes which I glued in place before adding mascara. A blusher was next on my cheek bones and some contouring to my chin and my nose. Finally came the lipstick and I chose a dark raspberry shade and added three coats, blotting between each coat. Next, I used two coats of a lip gloss to finish off my lips. There was also a set of long false nails already painted to match the lipstick so using the glue included I glued these in place over my own short nails and then attached a set of long dangly rhinestone earrings to my ears. The wig he had provided was past shoulder length and Brunette and had adhesive tabs in place to hold it better to my head. Before putting this on I went back to the bed and picked up the dress John had left for me., It was a very shot little black dress with a low neckline to show off my boobs and it had a short side zip. I slipped it on over my head being careful not to touch my makeup in the process and when it was in place, I did up the zip and the dress now fitted like a glove. I took up tye wig and going back to the vanity I put it on and then used a brush to tidy it up. Finally, I used a spritz of perfume on my wrists and behind my ears and then back to the bed to find my shoes. They were a pair of black court shoes with

at least five-inch stiletto heels. In the past the highest heel I had worn were three inches so I knew I would have to get in some practice in these before going to join John. Standing up from the bed I tottered over to the mirror feeling really off balance in the heels but after five minutes walking around the room I started to feel comfortable in them or at least as comfortable as I could be. Now was the time to meet with John. Inwardly I was terrified but looking at myself in the mirror I saw an attractive woman looking back at me so I took the plunge and went to the door and walked into the sitting room where John was waiting on the sofa with an opened bottle of wine and two glasses. As he looked at me his eyes went wide and a look of amazement went over his face, "Hey he said, you look gorgeous," "come and sit here beside me." I walked over to the sofa and holding my short skirt down I sat beside him and crossed my legs in a feminine way. He handed me a glass of wine and I took a sip, noticing the smear of lipstick it left on the rim of the glass. For some reason this made me feel a lot more feminine and I shuffled up closer to John. And put my free hand on his thigh, in return he placed his arm around my shoulders and pulled me closer until my head was resting on his shoulder. This was the closest I had ever been with a man and it felt strange but at the same time it felt so good. We sipped some more of our drinks and after a few minutes John placed his glass back on the table and leaned in towards me, He gently removed my glass from my hand and placed it on the table beside his, the next thing I knew was his lips against mine in a soft and gentle kiss, I found my own lips parting and then his tongue was entering my mouth and I found myself sucking on it as I needed so much more from John. His kisses became more passionate and I found that I was loving the taste and feeling of this man kissing me, my body seemed to take on a life of its own and all I wanted was for John to do whatever he wanted with me. We had been kissing for some time and I found my hand reaching down to stroke Johns Cock through his trousers. I was as hard as a rock and I knew that I wanted so much more from it, I suddenly knew what I had to do and slipping off the sofa, I knelt in between his legs and undid the buckle of his belt followed by the zip. John lifted himself up to enable me to pull down his trousers and underpants, and I was rewarded by the site of his long, hard cock right in front of me. I had had blow jobs from girlfriends in the past so knew what was required so moved closer until the end of his cock was right in front of my lips, There was a small drop of precum glistening on the tip and I found my tongue reaching out to lick it up, I found that I liked the taste and holding the base of his cock in my hand I took the head in between my lips and started to lick and suck on the head and shaft. Seeing my long-painted finger nails around his hard shaft made me feel really sexy and more feminine and I removed the head from my lips and started to kiss and lick right down the shaft until I reached his full ball sack. I took one of his balls in my mouth and sucked and licked on it. Johns' soft moans told me that I was doing the right thing so I carried on and then kissing all the way back up to the tip, I took it between my lips again and then licking and sucking I took the hard shaft deeper into my mouth and throat until I could feel his balls against my chin, I was amazed that I had been able to deep throat him as I had felt no gag reflex but it felt so good to have taken my man's full length right into my mouth. I continued to move up and down his hard cock licking and sucking until suddenly he shouted that he was coming and his cock seemed to enlarge and suddenly I felt a long jet of his cum hit the back of my throat and start to fill my mouth, it was

followed by several more jets and I tried to swallow it all but my mouth filled and some of the thick cream managed to get out between his cock and my lips. He pulled his shrinking member from my lips and I tried to lick off any cum that was around my mouth and on his cock. I looked up at him from my submissive position on the ground with my lipstick all smeared and mostly gone, and he smiled and said I should maybe go and touch up my makeup again.