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My First Time As A Girl X-Rated Part 2

Part 2 By Rayne

I got to my feet and made my way to the bathroom again, my killer heels giving my hips a sexy sway and looking back over my shoulder I could see John appreciating the sight, I had a quick pee and then cleaned off my ruined makeup and went back to the vanity table to repair the damage. After re-applying the lipstick, I had ruined I made my way back to john and again sat beside him as before, He pulled me onto his lap and started to kiss me again as before but after about ten minutes I felt his erection under my ass and knew what we both wanted. He looked into my eyes and must have seen the desire in them so he lifted me up and carried me in his arms into the bedroom where he gently laid me on the bed and undressing himself, he laid down beside me. Unzipping my dress, he helped me remove it leaving me in my underwear and heels. He then opened a bedside draw and removed a tube of KY gel and slipping my panties aside he liberally coated his fingers with the lubricant as well as my ass, I felt him insert a finger inside me and this he followed by another and then a third He moved them around and I felt the muscles of my ass relax and start to enjoy the feeling. He then slipped my panties off having some trouble getting them past my heels and he then took a pillow and placed it beneath my ass to raise it from the bed., He then opened my legs and lathered some more of the gel on his hard Cock he climbed on top of me and moved my legs until they were over his shoulders, I could feel the tip of his cock against my opening and was suddenly terrified, would it hurt or what would it feel like. He asked me if I was ready and I said yes but please be easy on me as it was my first time He smiled and said that he would be gentle with me. I felt his tip as it moved further into my opening and suddenly there was a sharp pain and he was inside me, the pain soon went away and I could feel every vein and part of his cock as it slipped deeper into my body, until I could feel his balls slapping against my bum cheeks. He slowly started to move in and out of me and the sensation was wonderful. Every now and then he hit my prostate and each time this happened it was like an electric shock going through my whole body I found myself pushing to meet his thrusts and he was kissing my breasts as he had taken my bra cups down to give him access to my nipples. I was groaning with each thrust inside me and I suddenly found myself shouting, “For god's sake John, fuck me as hard as you can and make me pregnant” At that point all I could think of was having his cum deep inside me and making a baby with him. I was in love with this man even though I was only a pretend woman but at the time I felt 100% a full woman and wanted everything a woman would have from her man. He took me at my word and increased his thrusts into me until I could feel his cock start to throb and I felt the first of many jets of his hot cum shoot deep inside me, I held his butt cheeks with my hands and pulled him further inside me until he was empty and as he started to pull out of me, I used my muscles in my butt to milk every bit of his juice from him. When his cock had fully left me, I felt empty and wanted it back deep inside me again. I don’t know what had happened to me but I suddenly knew that I would never be satisfied with a relationship with a girl now I had experienced the hard cock of a man

inside me, I wanted John to kiss me, suck my nipples and fuck me every waking moment of my life. We lay side by side on the bed and I could feel his cum as it slowly ran out of my body and so wished that I could keep it all inside me to make me pregnant. John kissed me gently and said that I should take a shower and redo my makeup as it was in a mess after our lovemaking and I knew that I would need to get rid of the cum which was all over my inner leg. Climbing off the bed I found that it was harder to walk as it felt as if I still had John's cock inside me and I guess it must have showed as well when anybody saw me, I went into the bathroom and took off my stockings and underwear and climbed into the shower, After steaming in the hot water for five minutes I dried off and returned to the bedroom. While I had been showering John had laid out a new outfit for me, this time with red underwear and a red minidress that was really sexy

I got into the new underwear after repairing the makeup around my breasts and then sat at my vanity and redid my full makeup and as it was later in the day, I went for an evening style with a darker shade of everything. I then slipped into the dress and the matching pair of five inch heeled strappy sandals that were waiting for me. I also replaced my perfume with another one and went back to join John, I found that he too had changed and was wearing a pair if smart trousers and a nice jacket over a smart button-down shirt. He looked great and I told him so, He replied that I was looking fantastic and he just had to show me off. I asked what he meant and he said that he had reserved a table for us at a nice restaurant and we should be going soon. I had never been outside like this before apart from the Halloween night and that was different, This time I was to be seen as a guys date and would I even pass in a public place. John told me to go and look at myself in the mirror, and if I saw anything like a boy, then he would cancel. I did as he requested and when I saw myself up close with my cleavage, well made-up face and sexy dress and heels I knew that he was right so I went back to him and with a quick kiss on the cheek told him I was ready to go. He handed me a light coat and a handbag which he said had all the necessary items in it for the evening so I looked inside to see what he meant and was delighted to see a condom prominent in the bag. I laughed and showed it back to John who said you never know when the urge may come upon us. I kissed him on the lips gently so I would not smear my lipstick and we went outside to the car. He held oen the passenger's door for me until I was settled and then closed the door behind me. I had never realised just how difficult it would be to get into a car when wearing a tight skirt and high heels. I guessed that I would need to practice some more if this was to ever happen again The Restaurant, he had chosen was in a town several miles away so we drove there and parked in the restaurant's private car park He opened my door and helped me out and when I was ready on my heels, he took my hand and led me into the premises. It was a really nice place with low lighting and a really special ambiance. Maitre d’ took my coat and led us to a quiet table and helped me to get seated and handed us the menu’s While we chose, he gave John the wine list and he selected a suitable wine and placed his order, while we waited for our meal we chatted and he held my hand over the table. He kept looking at my breasts and I found myself getting very warm and I started to use one of my feet to rub his crutch area and he looked as though he was about to cum there and then, We received our meal and after we had finished, we went outside and

took a short walk in the park beside the restaurant, He hooked my arm in his and we walked close together for a while before he led me to a park bench under a tree and we sat down together. It was not long before his lips were against mine again and I was sucking his tongue as though I couldn’t get enough of it which is actually the truth, He was feeling my breasts and my hand strayed down to his crotch and unzipped his trousers and soon I had his hard cock in my hand again. There was nobody else around in the park so I bent towards him and took his cock into my mouth again and loved the feeling of the hard satiny feel against my tongue and lips. I sucked and played with him until he again ejaculated in my mouth but this time, I was able to swallow every drop, feeling very proud of myself I looked up and suddenly his lips were on mine and his tongue was in my mouth licking at the remains of his cum that was still there, we walked back to the car hand in hand and when we were inside, I used the mirror to repair my lipstick that I had lost on his lips and around his cock. We drove back to the site and went back to his room where we had a glass of wine before he asked me if I was ready for bed. I kissed him and said that I was always ready and with that we headed into the bedroom and he went to a drawer and gave me a beautiful baby doll pyjama set, While he was getting ready, I went into the bathroom to clean my teeth before repairing my lipstick again I then slipped into the baby doll set and climbed into bed. It felt so sexy to be lying in a mans bed wearing nothing but flimsy panties and a light top but to me it felt wonderful. John arrived back and climbed into bed beside me and his lips were at once on mine and my hands were on his cock. I couldn’t wait and just rolled onto my back and opened my legs and ordered John to hurry up and fuck me again. I have never needed anything as much as I wanted that hard cock inside me and to feel his hot cum fill me I had never in my life wanted and needed anything as much as I wanted to be filled again with Johns hard meat, and to be filled with the hot cum. He wasted no time before climbing on top of me and I felt his cock against my waiting hole. I was open and needed no lubrication this time as he inserted his cock in me and soon, he was as deep inside my body as was possible, he rested there for a few moments before starting to pump me as hard as possible, the sound of his hips as they slapped against my bottom was like music to my ears and I felt myself screaming out loud to John to go deeper. All too soon I felt the throbbing start in his cock and the first of the cum jets were soon exploding deep inside me. He slipped out and again I felt empty and wanted him inside me once again, He rolled off me and kissed me and then cuddled up beside me and soon we were asleep. I awoke in the morning with a strange feeling between my legs and soon realised that it was Johns cum having dried in my panties and around my ass crack. John woke soon after and soon he was ready to go again and I had to take his hard cock into my now rather sore ass once again but It felt so good when he was deep inside me that the pain soon went leaving me with nothing but deep pleasure. That day we spent most of the time snuggled up on the sofa in the sitting room. I had dressed simply in bra and panties, Black fishnet stockings and black ruffled panties with a tartan mini skirt and a white lacy top with long sleeves and a very low neckline that showed my boobs really well. I also wore sandals with four-inch stiletto heels and was now feeling really at home in heels. I had done my full makeup as usual but I have to say that with John , my lipstick didn’t last very long so he often requested me to go and repair the damage, Twice in the day he caught me bending down and took advantage of the very

short skirt that I was wearing to bend me over and slipping my panties to the side he released his seemingly permanent hard on to slip inside me again, It seemed that I no longer required any extra lubrication as I felt that there was enough of his previous donations of cum into my body that it was sufficient to keep my passage way sufficiently lubricated so he could have sex with me at any time. I so wanted to have his hard cock deep inside me whenever possible and when we were not making love, I felt empty and wanting to be filled over and over again. By the time the weekend was over I have to admit that my ass was feeling as though it was on fire as it had been penetrated so many times. I was also now completely at home wearing women's clothing and makeup full time and the feelings associated with it and having a male companion was making me feel as though it was my natural way of living. I had had several sexual encounters with girls in the past but never had I experienced the feelings that I felt when kissing John and feeling him inside me. It was about 8 pm that Sunday evening and I was preparing to change back to my male self when John came up to me. I was undressing and only wearing my bra and panties and had yet to remove my false breasts, nails and makeup and he kissed me and said how he had loved having me as a girlfriend. He asked if I would be prepared to carry on as his girl and if so, he would make sure that he stocked the wardrobe in our bedroom with many more feminine outfits and shoes and much more makeup and so at any time I could turn up and become his girl. At that moment it was the only thing that I wanted in the world, The thought of being Johs full time girlfriend and being able to have his gorgeous cock deep inside me whenever I wanted was a dream come true so naturally, I replied with a passionate kiss and accepted him as my boyfriend and lover. This relationship continued for almost two years by the end of which time I had lost all interest in women apart from the clothing and makeup and felt myself to be a woman in every way. It was on my 19th birthday and John had arranged a celebration meal for me with a bottle of Champagne when he got down on his knees and asked me to marry him. He said that if I agreed he would pay for me to go to Thailand and get full SRS so we could live together as man and wife, I agreed at once and now I am the proud owner of two beautiful breasts and a very well used vagina. We are now considering adopting a child to make our family complete.