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A Cross-Dresser Guide To The Perfect Shave

By Cindy

You may have seen the cross-dresser who from the neck down has the beautiful body, looks good in lingerie and then you see that he cross-dresses with a full beard. These men are called gender bender cross-dressers. They retain their manly face with a mustache or full beard. Another type of cross-dresser is the man who prefers to look like a woman from head to toe.

This type of cross-dresser will take the time to look their best. This starts off with having a very close shave of your facial hair. If you do not shave closely before you put on your makeup, no amount of makeup will help hide your facial hair growth. Shaving your face is actually quite easy, but may lead to razor burn and ingrown hairs, not to mention the inconvenience of noticing a beard shadow after just a few hours.

Despite the fact that there's nothing you can do to prevent your facial hair from growing (besides uncomfortable electrolysis), it will be easy for one cross dresser or transsexual to possess a soft, smooth, and womanly look. Although there is nothing you can do to cut your beard from increasing (aside from painful electrolysis), it is attainable for any cross-dresser or transsexual has a gentle, smooth, female confront.

Getting a close shave is the first and foremost in setting up for the feminine look. Getting a close shave and hiding the Five O'clock shadow is the first step in the cross-dressing transformation process.


  1. Avoid shaving first thing in the morning. Most people wake up with slightly puffy skin in the morning. You will get a closer shave if you wait 20-30 minutes for the skin to tighten, exposing more of the hair shaft. The first step is to obtain the closest shave possible.
  2. Prep your skin. Take a shower or wrap a hot, moist towel around your face and neck for several minutes before shaving to soften your beard and open up the hair follicles. The trick is to use water as hot as you can take (do not burn yourself though) and soak the razor in the hot water before you start.
    Get in the shower, run your face under the hottest water you can tolerate for at least a minute, then cover your face in a good hair conditioner. This softens the beard and makes it easier to shave.
  3. Always exfoliate. Use a washcloth or an exfoliating scrub on your face to eliminate dead skin cells and raise hair stubs for a closer shave. Wash off and scrub with a fine skin exfoliate (the anti-spot cleansing type with small beads is best). This prepares the skin and helps stop nicking and cuts.
  4. Use a regrowth slowing shaving cream. For a long lasting shave, use a shaving cream, such as, designed to slow hair regrowth. Avoid shaving creams containing menthol, as they can dry out the skin. Shave using a moisturizing shaving cream and use a styptic pencil to stop the bleeding from cuts. Apply shaving cream and shave normally down your face with the hair growth. You can either leave the exfiloator on, or re-apply shaving foam, as you prefer.
    Do not dry your face! The next step to apply moisturizing shaving cream or soap (Palmolive Shave Stick) to your dampened face and let it sit for one or two minutes, further softening the hair. You do not need a brush to apply.
  5. Select a great razor. A great shave depends upon a great razor. Most cross-dressers agree that the Gillette Sensor Excel is the ultimate tool for the job. If it's a big night out use a brand new blade. Use the expensive ones; don't ever use the cheap plastic ones.
    Shave using downward strokes, and then shave using upward strokes. Repeat this process two to three times to get the closest shave possible. Pay special attention to your chin and the area just above your lip and under your nose. Having a styptic pencil handy is a good idea until you get used to shaving this closely. Obtain the closest shave possible!
  6. Don't use a dull blade. Never use the same blade more than two or three times since dull blades can lead to razor burn and ingrown hairs. Suggest using a fresh blade every time you go en femme.
  7. Do a two-step shave. A great close shave should be done in two steps: first, shave in the direction of hair growth. Then lather again, this time shaving against the grain for an even closer cut. Be sure to use small, gentle strokes to avoid irritation. After every couple of strokes, rinse the blades in hot water to clean off the residue. Shave down as normal and do your entire face. Now shave up. Use tiny little strokes around your mouth. Just keep falling for stubble and save up on anything that is left. Get your jaw line and slightly under it. Don't stop until there is nothing left to feel. Move your face in different positions to push out the beard and use your tongue to help as well. Note: You can do a full downwards shave, re-lather and then do a sideways shave over the top. It is advised not to shave upwards, while it is the ultimate close shave it can ruin your skin for the day and the long-term effects can be the orange peel like pitted skin. Once done, rinse your face with cold water and pat it dry. It is very important that you never rub or scrub your face dry as this is damaging. Always pat, never rub.
  8. Apply toner right after shaving and allow your face to dry for half an hour before applying the makeup needed to cover beard growth. Carefully with short upward strokes, shave up the face against the hair growth with light downward pressure on the razor. Initially you may get some redness, but with practice, this will go away and you can increase the downward pressure with care.
  9. After shaving, rinse, pat dry with a towel, wait a few minutes and then apply a moisturizer. Use a combined cleanser/toner use Nivea for Men's Sensitive After Shave. After this dries, moisturize the shaved area.
    Moisturizers, it soothes your skin and prepares it so that your makeup will adhere better. After-shave balms and moisturizers are much better these days but many are perfumed so you might want to opt for a more neutral moisturizer, there are loads available, look for all the natural ones without perfumes and other nonsense they put into them. Do not be scared to use girls products either, a moisturizer is a moisturizer! Cheap high street options include Boots No. 7 and Olay who both do value for money beauty products that do the trick.
    Wait a minute and then apply a very thin coat of a good moisturizer. Don't use too much or it will never dry. Let it dry completely. Now use a makeup primer. This is the most important step. I use Instant Age Rewind from Maybelline. It's a very thick gel. You cover your face in that. A little goes a long way. You let that sit for 5 minutes. I usually do my eyes during that time. Also doing your eyes before you put on your foundation is a smart move especially if you are using any dark eye colors.
  10. Next, with a pair of cuticle scissors, carefully trim all nose and ear hairs. Many cross-dressers forget this, and even after your makeup is removed, having no visible nose or ear hair is just a good practice to get into for anyone. Remington shavers even make electric shavers designed just for this purpose. Now look at your face very carefully in a well-lit mirror. You are looking for stray hairs on your nose and between your eyebrows. A tweezers will remove them quite easily. At this time brush our teeth prior to putting on your makeup.


Cindy has been cross-dressing for the last five years. The more Cindy dresses the more she wants to impress others that cross-dressing is not wrong, not an illness, not perverted, not shameful but is a beautiful thing for a man to show his feminine side.

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