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Cheeky Maid (18+ Material)

The full moon was shining so brightly as to make it seem like
dawn, but the subdued quality of the light made it a comfortable
brightness. The gurgling spa jets below him carried a backbeat
to the whole scene. She floated up behind him, touching him on
the hip and then kissing him on the shoulder. "What was in the
package from France?", she asked.
He responded slowly, "nylons".
She moved her hand lower, cupping his balls in the turbulence of
the jets: "For me, or for you?", she asked.
"Both", he answered.
"Ah then", she said, "I've got something for you too. Why don't
you go in now and get dressed in your nylons, and put on what's
in your top drawer."
"What is it?"
"You'll see. And when you do, you'll know what the mood is  
then you can start cooking that fabulous meal for us."
He left the hot tub and headed for the shower; he couldn't wait
to look in the top drawer. He dried his hands and stood dripping
on the carpet; carefully he opened the drawer and peered inside.
At first he couldn't quite recognize it, but grabbing it in two
fingers and holding it up to the moonlight, it was obvious-and
thrilling. It was a frilly white apron; the kind you would see
on a French Maid. There was nothing else, so it was a little
perplexing. In the shower he thought, "wow, she wants me to wear
nylons, and an apron, and serve her dinner".
He had only worn nylons once before with her, and then it was
under his silk pajamas and with his clogs, but now it seemed
time to open it up. He dressed in excitement; first the black
satin garter belt, then the new French nylons, ultra sheer and
with seams up the back, then the short black skirt that had been
hidden in the garage, then a tight, soft, satiny top. He sat
down on the bed and put on the black patent pumps with the four
inch heels, never seen by anyone before, and then finally, in
front of the bathroom vanity he put on the frilly white apron,
tying a neat bow in the back. He turned to check the knot in the
mirror and got a glimpse of a tall, strong, bearded man   in
seamed stockings, high heels, and a maid's apron. Moving off to
the kitchen, he left another package of the same stockings on
the bed.
Every step he made on the kitchen floor gave the delightful
click of high heels and the swoosh of nylons and skirt rubbing
together. With children at college and the young one over at a
sleepover, it was a new, free feeling; the man of the house
working in the kitchen dressed as a slutty maid. He worked with
confidence to begin preparing the rack of lamb, rice pilaf, and
exotic green salad. When he heard the spa jets stop, he knew she
was in the shower, so he went into the dining room to set a
gorgeous table with candles without her seeing him. Then he went
out to the patio and put the rack of lamb on the barbeque;
dressed as he was, it was risky and quite a thrill. During the
twenty minutes it took to grill the lamb, he made everything
ready; and she got dressed.
At just the right moment, the Mistress of the house came around
the corner into the kitchen. She was startlingly beautiful in
her new black high heeled boots, new French seamed nylons, black
leather skirt and a blue satin top. "Is dinner ready?", she
She turned and headed for the dining room; he followed. He
pulled out her chair, and then pushed it in for her when she sat
down. He put a linen napkin in her lap and then lit the candles.
Returning from the kitchen, he served her the beautiful rack of
lamb dinner and poured her a glass of Pinot Grigio. All through
the dinner he listened to her talk of her day and her plans;
whenever it was needed, he got up and poured her more wine, or
brought her water or a spoon. Finally, she pushed her plate away
and said "that was excellent, maybe now I'll have an after
dinner drink."
He cleared all the dishes to the kitchen, and returned with a
tray with two cocktails, Kahlua and cream. She was seated in the
leather chair with her feet up on the leather ottoman.
"Excellent", she said. "I really love my new boots; they make me
feel so dominant. But maybe you could take them off for me, and
rub my feet and legs."
"Of course," he said. He took only one sip from his drink, then
knelt down and slowly slid the slick leather boots from her
feet. For the next twenty minutes he alternately kissed and
rubbed her beautiful nylon encased feet and legs. She continued
to sip her drink; sometimes saying "left calf" or "right foot".
All the while he looked up and saw the tops of her nylons below
the leather skirt and panty less pussy beyond. 
After a long while he began to kiss higher and higher up her
leg, and she said "I know what you're doing. You can't wait to
get at that pussy. But every time you eat me, you want to fuck
right after that, and I want to rest. So tonight after you eat
me, you have to jack off for me."
"OK," he said as he buried his head under her skirt. With his
two hands cupping her ass, he raised her skirt to her midriff
and licked her luxuriously. When she came, she clamped her legs
together and pushed him away. He just kneeled there for a while
watching her; finally she straightened up, reached for her
drink, and gave him a nod.
He stood slowly, and gazed intently at her. Then he slowly undid
the apron strings, and dropped it to the floor. Then he slowly
unzipped his skirt and let that fall to the floor. He stood
there in the moonlight; slinky legs in nylons and heels, but no
panties and no pussy, just a big hard cock. He began to sway his
hips side to side, running the nylons over each other as he
jacked his cock for her. He began to move faster and faster,
breathing hard, but then right before he finished she took
another sip of her drink and said, "Stop, I don't want you to
come now."
"What?" he said, "Why not?"
"You'll get your chance. But first go and put the food away in
the kitchen, and then come back to the bedroom."
He was disappointed, and feeling put off; but then as he rattled
around in the kitchen in his high heels and his hard on flapping
all over the place, he got even more excited. He rushed to
finish the chore, then washed and dried his hands and headed for
the bedroom.
As soon as he turned the corner he knew his time had come. She
was back in her high heeled boots, and standing in the
candlelight, he could see that she was wearing the strap on
dildo. She was wearing surgical gloves; in her left had she held
a bottle of lube. She poured some of it onto her right glove and
began a jacking motion on the dildo; moving forward she said
"maybe it's time for your reward," as she grabbed his balls with
the glistening gloved hand. They stood for a time rubbing their
nylon legs together, and rubbing the lubed up dildo against the
hard-on. Finally she turned his hips and bent him over the bed;
putting more lube on dildo, she touched the tip to his ass and
asked "is this what you've been waiting for?"
"What have you been waiting for?"
"Tell me what you want. Say it."
"I want to you to fuck me in the ass."
"That's right. Now you can jack off while I fuck you in the
"Oh Yeah baby you fuck your maid so good. I'm going to come all
over the place."
The humping and the jacking and the slutty talking kept up for
awhile until the maid spilled his load. After a long silence,
she said "the next time there's a sleepover, you can signal your
interest by doing three hours of chores around the house. If I
accept your offer, you will find the apron in your top drawer,
then you will know what to do."