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Female Clothes For Men: What Every Crossdresser Should Know

Contrary to popular belief, crossdressing requires a great deal of effort to be pulled off successfully. One area that presents a challenge to most crossdressers is finding female clothes for men that will enhance the look of femininity. The male physique is quite a bit different from the female body, making it necessary to alter fashion trends to suit the crossdressing man. Also, manufacturers’ sizing typically varies by a considerable amount so this system is not foolproof.

Sizing and Crossdressing

Trial and error takes a lot of time, but is probably one of the best ways to determine the size and type of apparel that will best improve a cross dresser’s appearance. If you are a crossdresser and need immediate help finding female clothes for men, follow these simple guidelines until you’re more familiar with sizing and conversion.

Body Measurements for the Crossdresser

In general, men are taller than women are and have wider shoulders, making it a challenge to find well-fitting female clothes for men. Take careful measurements with a cloth measuring tape in the following body areas. Remember to hold the measuring tape snug and straight, or get someone else to do the measuring. Proper measurements will enable men to cross-dress more accurately and look more feminine.

Bust: With a padded bra or breast forms in place, measure the fullest part of the bust. This measurement will help you determine the right size for blouses and loose types of dresses when shopping for female clothes for men.

Waist: The male waist is lower than a woman’s waist, so keep this in mind as you measure. Suck in the belly and measure at the narrowest point, usually at or just above the navel. It also helps to insert a finger between the tape and the skin to make sure the fit will be comfortable when you cross-dress.

Hips: Take measurements from the fullest hip area, which is about six or eight inches below the waistline. This helps determine the right size for skirts, form-fitting dresses and pants. If you wear hip pads when crossdressing you should also wear them when measuring.

Skirt and Pants Lengths: You probably already know your pants length, but depending on the type of skirt you prefer, you may need to take measurements. A good way to measure for knee-length skirts is to kneel on the floor with a straight back and measure from the floor to the waist. From there go shorter or longer depending upon preference or need.

Bring it All Together

Now that you have proper measurements, find a good sizing chart to convert the measurements into sizes that will help you cross-dress more effectively. While these charts are not always accurate, they can help you find female clothes for men that look good and make you feel more feminine.