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I do not consider myself gay, nor do I think I am bisexual, but I do enjoy a nice big cock. I am not attracted to men at all and under normal circumstances find any and all homosexual activities quite disgusting, until I get really horny that is. When I get all hot and hard, I can't help but want a cock in my hand, mouth, and ass and eventually a big load of warm, sticky cum on my face and in my mouth.

Another odd thing that found myself craving to do when I got horny was dress up like a girl. I don't know if it attempting to justify my sexual desires of cock or what, but I know a nice slutty pair of high heels and dainty little thong make me even hotter. I find myself yearning to wear short, flowing skirts, "fuck me" high heels, sexy thigh-high stockings, and skanky, girly thongs.

These desires led me to risk a little cross dressing adventures in the past few months, but I could never muster up the courage or the means to actually get a hold of some real dick. I attempted to substitute a small collection of toys owned by my girlfriend (she is very kinky) for the real thing. It was also my girlfriend's clothes that I started out wearing on these private, little trysts. I would dress up in heels (which were a little small for me), thong, a skirt, and a bra stuffed with a pair of extremely life-like, fake breasts. After getting all dressed up I would admire myself in the mirror, bending over and pull my skirt up or lying down and spreading my legs wide open. Finally, it would be too much and I would take out the toys to play with. My girlfriend has three toys: an 8" pink dildo that looks like a real cock with balls called "Mr. Big", a purple 6" battery operated vibrator, and a long, rubber double headed dildo.

I took turns with each of the toys in wide variety of positions. First I would stick "Mr. Big" on the mirror or someplace with the suction cup and I would get on my knees in front of it. I licked it up the shaft, sucked on the balls, and worked the fake cock in my hand before I slide it into my mouth. I worked it in and out, slowly and short at first but the more I gained practice the faster and deeper I could take into my mouth and throat. While I sucked the fake dick I would rub my cock through my lacy panties as it grew harder and harder.

Next, I laid back and spread open my legs and continued rubbing my restrained cock as I worked my rubbing hand further down between my legs until I could feel my tight, little asshole pulsating wildly with my hand over it. I brought my hand back to mouth and lick my fingers, coating them with saliva to make things easier. I pulled my little thong string out my ass crack and pushed it to the side, leaving my wanton asshole exposed and waiting. Sliding one finger in and warmed my asshole up then adding another I began to work the digits in and out of my ass slowly until I was ready for one of my toys. With the dildo still attached to the mirror above me, I reached eagerly for the vibrator. I worked it into my tight asshole first and slid it in and out a few times with much joy to grow accustomed to it. Then I pressed the button on the top to begin the vibrations. My body shivered with pleasure as the plastic toy rattled and hummed in my asshole.

After that enjoying activity I would usually switch positions, either stick the big dildo on the wood or tile floor and bounce up and down it for awhile as it slid in and out of my asshole or got on all fours and pounded the dildo or vibrator into my ass doggy style. With my cock throbbing, I would usually begin to jerk off and rub my balls as I sucked and fucked the wide arrangement of toys. I would bring myself to orgasm while riding the dildo or while simultaneously fucking and sucking the double headed dildo. I would usually just come in the panties and then throw them in the wash afterwards, but after a few sessions, I got the urge and wonder for some cum. I first tried cum when I licked it some pre-cum off my finger, but I wanted more. Next I tried cumming on my hand and then licking it off. Finally I figured out to lie on my back and throw my legs and feet over my head, which would allow my cock to hang directly over my face. In this position I would work the dildo into my ass as I jerked off my own cock. With my panties pulled to the side, a dildo pounding into my ass, and my high heeled feet in the air behind my head, I jerked off long, hard, and fast until I exploded all over my face and into my mouth. I officially became a cum whore. I loved it, the taste and the feel.

I loved dressing up like a slutty little girl and pleasure my self with fake cocks and jerking my own off. I found myself doing it all the time, anytime I could get away with it. While my girlfriend ran errands, was at work, or out-of-town, I became the woman of the house, and boy was I woman who loved cock and cum. It became an extremely enjoyable event and I grew more and more experienced with cock, but also at the same time my desire for the real thing grew and grew also. I thought of going to gay escort service or attempting to find a glory hole or something, but I could never bring myself to do it. Also I only found myself wanting to do these sexual things while I was dressed up like a girl. One day I got a surprise that would take the adventure a step further.

One day, while in the middle of my act, my girlfriend came home early from work. I was fully dressed, in the stuffed red bra, the lacy slutty thong panties, the short skirt, thigh high black stockings and 4" black high heels. I was nearing the end of my playtime so of course I was lying on the bed on my back with my feet in the behind my head and my cock hover just a few inches above my face. I was rotating the "Mr. Big" dildo between my tight, slutty ass and my open slutty mouth. I loved going ass to mouth because it made me feel even sluttier. But as my girlfriend stood stunned and silent in the doorway watching me suck and fuck a life-like dildo while dressed up in a full female wardrobe, me being as slutty as possible was probably not such a good thing. Just as I gave the dildo a few final thrusts into my ass, my own cock exploded in a rush of moans, groans, and dirty talk, "Fuck me with that big fat cock. Fuck my ass. Cum on my face. Yeah give me that hot sticky load. Shoot that jizz in my face. I want to taste your salty juice!" And I did just that. I came everywhere, all over my cheeks, chin, lips, hair, and mouth.

"Well that certainly was hot!" My girlfriend said standing in the doorway a few feet away from me. My natural instincts made me jump; I rolled over onto my stomach while still on the bed. After that, I didn't know what to do. I just laid there, skirt flipped up revealing my thong covered ass, the high heels still on my feet high in the air, my face and mouth still dripping with cum. She stood there silent for a second just looking at me.

I struggled to say something, "I . . . uh . . . um . . . this is not . . . um?"

I smile crept slowly across her face, "its okay, Honey, you don't have to explain yourself. This is the hottest thing I have ever seen you do."

I gave her a puzzled look, but soon began to understand that she was not mad or disgusted by me and my weird actions, but rather turned on by it.

"I wish you had let me know sooner," she said to me as she walked over to the closet and reached in and appeared to be looking for something.

"Um I didn't know you would um be interested in anything like this?" I stuttered.

She continued to dig through the closet until she peeked her head out with a devilish smile across her face. She reappeared with something hidden behind her back. She licked her lips and asked me seductively, "Are you ready for another go around; maybe with me and my special little toy this time?" As she said this, she revealed to me what she was hiding behind her back: an 8" pink rubber strap-on. She smiled again and asked, "You want to play a little more, my little girlie slut?"

She strapped on the dildo harness and beckoned me over to her. I had no choice and could do nothing but slide off the bed and slowly walk over to her. My legs were still weak from my recent orgasm and I stumbled a few times with my feet still in the slutty high heels. I stood before her fully dressed in my slut outfit with cock rock again because of my girlfriend's new dominate force and her lovely fake cock.

"Get on your knees slut and suck my big cock and don't you dare stop until I tell you to!" She told me

So turned on, I dropped to my knees and grabbed her protruding cock in my hand and began to stroke it softly pretending it was a real cock. I licked one side of the cock then the other with long tongue strokes. I lifted the shaft up and licked the fake ball sac that was positioned between her legs then slowly worked my way up the shaft with my tongue until I reached the tip. I teased it gently with my tongue before wrapping my eager lips around it and pushing it into my mouth. Sucking the head, I began to accept more and more of the cock into my mouth until it was completely full of the fake cock. I pull back and let my lips slide off the shaft before quickly reinserting it into my mouth. Repeating this action over and over again, I steadily began increasing speed, length, and force as I worked the cock in and out of my hungry mouth while my head bobbed back and forth on the hard cock.

"Mmm you're a good little cocksucker. You must have been practicing a lot while I am gone," she groaned as she grabbed the back of my head and slowly began thrusting her pelvis, thus pushing he false cock into my mouth. "You like that slut, me fucking your mouth?" I gave a muffled "Yes!" With that she began fucking my face harder and faster.

After fucking my face she pulled the dick out and gently slapped my cheeks and tongue with it. She told me, "Get up slut! Turn around and bend over the bed so I can see what you have got under that skirt." I obeyed her command and strutted over to the bed and slowly bent over the side. I could feel my already short skirt rise up to reveal my panty clad ass. The thin string of my thong barely covered my asshole. She walked up behind me and spanked my ass.

"Mmm do you like that slut," she said as she squatted down between my legs and rubbed my ass cheeks and asshole. She pulled the thong string out from in between my round ass cheeks and ran her tongue slowly and sensually from the back of my panty clad balls all the way up my ass crack to the top. I moaned with pleasure as her wet tongue slid over my eager asshole. She gripped her hands firmly to each of my butt cheeks and darted her tongue back into my crack. Swirling her tongue swiftly across my asshole, she made me push my ass back into her face in order to meet her mouth and force her tongue into my hole. She obliged and poked the tip of her red tongues into my anticipating, pink asshole. As she spanked my ass and tongued my butt hole, I moaned loudly in ecstasy. After tongue fucking my asshole for what seemed like an hour, she stood up behind me and spanked my ass hard with her big fake cock. She asked, "You ready for this? Do you want it?"

"Oh yes. Give it to me. Stick that bog cock in my ass!" I answered eagerly to her.

She ran the dick up and down my crack, teasing my horny ass with each pass. I felt a slight push as she pressed the fake penis to my butt hole. So ready and horny, I pushed my ass back forcefully to meet her cock. I felt the head of the dildo enter my ass. It felt so good. She slowly rammed it in and pulled it back out, but then only to slowly shove it back in.

"Do you like that slut?" She asked me as she continued thrusting the cock in and out of my now widening asshole.

"Oh yeah baby," I answered. "Fuck me with that big cock. Pound my slutty ass like a little girl."

I could tell she was really getting into it as she spanked my ass, thrust the cock deep in and out, pulled my hair, and said hot, dirty things to me like "Do you like that cock in your ass? Are you my little girlie whore? Do you like my hard cock up your ass?"

I was enjoying every moment of this sexual explosion. I answered her questions in between moans and groans saying, "Yes I love that cock deep in my slutty ass! I am your girlie whore! Keep fucking me baby, don't stop fucking me!"

After a few minutes of pounding my ass from behind she wanted to switch positions. She laid on her back and told me get on her cock and bounce like whore. I eagerly obliged and spread my legs across her body as she lay on the floor. I squatted down on her cock. I felt it slide deeper and deeper into me as I squatted further down. Once it was all the way in I began to rise up and felt her cock pulling out of my butt so I quickly slammed back down onto the cock, letting it fill me up. I bounced up and down, sliding on her huge pole, screaming in ecstasy until I could go no more and my legs gave out on me and I fell onto her chest. She immediately took over pounding my ass where I had left off. As I lay flat on her chest, my legs bent at her side, she firmly grabbed my ass cheeks with both hands and proceeded to thrust fast and hard into my ass. She fucked me for a few minutes before she finally said, "Are you ready to cum yet slut? Because I want you to shoot it all over your face again. You got that slut? You little cum whore."

I answered yes and she pulled out of me. I got into my old usual cumming position on my back with my legs spread behind me head and my about-to-explode cock directly in front of my face. She grabbed the dildo, "Mr. Big," I had been using before and worked it into my ass and started fucking me again. As she sat in front of me she forced that strap-on dildo into my mouth.

"Suck it slut until you cum. I want you to taste your ass all over my cock. You got that my little ass-to-mouth slut!!" She said to me as I jerked my cock off wildly.

I felt my cock begin to twitch. She noticed to and removed both dildos from my mouth and ass. She began rubbing my balls and fingering my ass as I started to twitch. My body tensed up as several streams of hot sticky white cum erupted from my cock and splattered all over my face in huge puddles.

"Open you mouth slut and eat that cum," she demanded. I gladly obliged and open my mouth wide and tasted the remaining salty drops of jizz as it dripped from the head of my cock.

All in all the experience was amazing and so much fun. My excitement grew even more as she said to me as she kissed my cum covered lips, "That was fun. Next time we might have to take a few steps farther. Would you like to be little girlie slut?"

I smiled and nodded. I cannot wait until next time to see what she has in store for me.