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Three Pack Glandular Capsules

Three Pack Glandular Capsules
    Three Pack Glandular Capsules
    Purchase Three Pack Glandular Capsules
    • SKU: Mammary-Ovary-Uterus-Three-Pack-Pills

    • $65.00



    New Feminizing Supplement Kit Only the purest raw glandulars go into our feminizing supplements. Enjot big savings on our new three pack of glandulars! You get a full size bottle of Ovary Plus, Super Raw Mammary and Super Raw Uterus in this set. Help tame testosterone and help enlarge breasts, soften skin, make nipples more sensitive and more. 100 count bottle of each glandular. Enough for two months!

    Verified Customer Reviews:

    Looking good and feeling good to! A great buy. There great they make me look more female and feel like one to and good price! -Lucy

    Will definitely be buying more my nipples are tender I am looking more and more like a female I cant wait thanks for an amazing product! -Soontobeagirl