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My First Time In Panties (Adult 18+)

My first time wearing panties...The memories are just as sweet today as my

days back in the dorm...

I was in my dorm room trying to study when a bunch of guys in the hall

started yelling Panty Raid. They were charging around the hall talking

about time to have a panty raid. I was a new freshman and had never been

on a panty raid, so when they charged out the door, I took off with

them. For over an hour we made the rounds of the girls dorms chanting

silk silk silk and were rewarded with an intermittent shower of pretty

undies, bras panties, occasional slips and nighties. I kind of hung back

a little, trying not to look too eager, but really wanted to get my

hands on those frillies.

we headed back to the dorm and went into the room I shared with my room

mate. we opened some beers and everybody started counting there trophies

and throwing them into a pile on the floor. I only had 2 pairs of bikini

panties, both soft nylon trimmed with lace, one black and one white.

Everybody else had several more items. Then they started chanting

fashion show, fashion show, fashion show and told me that the tradition

was the guy who grabbed the least had to model the articles for everyone

else. Shit, that was me. Everybody kept drinking beer and even I was

getting relaxed, but I really didn't want to do this because I knew how

much I liked cross dressing from my early years wearing my sister's

undies any time I was at home by myself for any time at all. Eventually,

there was nothing left I could say and I knew that I wasn't going to get

out of it.

I tried to put them on over my shorts, but nothing doing, they said I

had to play by the rules and put them on from naked. I turned around,

slipped off my shorts reached into the pile and pulled out a big pair of

cotton panties. I got booed when I put them on, even though they made me

turn around. I swallowed another beer and reached into the pile for the

pair of white panties I had grabbed, pulled them on and turned around to

cheers, one of the guys threw me a white bra that matched nicely, and

said put that on too. I did, did a turn to cheers and chants, reached

into the pile and pulled up a white half slip with a bunch of lace and

pulled it up my legs. More cheers and beers later and I had tried on

several outfits that came close to matching and was finishing up in a

mismatched set of white panties, red bra and short black nighty. We

threw all the ugly cotton stuff in the trash as I took it off, and I

noticed that even though I turned my back

When putting them on, my roommate was trying to peek around in front of

me as I was dressing. It was late, we had classes the next day and we

were all pretty looped, so the other guys headed out and I collapsed

into my bed falling asleep immediately. In the middle of the night I

woke up needing to piss, but as I rolled over, sensed someone standing

over me. I peeked through slitted eyes and saw my roomate standing by my

bed. He was stroking his dick which was pulled through the leg opening

of a pair of black bikinis and just looking at me and the way I was

dressed. I couldn't get up to go pee and was just watching him as he

jacked his cock. He kept staring at me and started pumping faster and I

really started to get turned on watching him. Pretty soon, he grunted

and started pumping his cum out onto my waist, nightie and panties. He

peeled off the panties, threw them on the pile and climbed into bed. I

forgot about going to pee and just laid there until I went to sleep. 

Hard to do as horny as I was, but I didn't want to get caught jacking off.

The next day, my roommate had an early class and my classes were later

in the day. I got up, realized that I was wearing a chemise, bra and

panties that were covered with my roommates dried cum and was really

horny, but decided I should go wash all the collection. I put on a

matching red set under my sweats and sweatshirt and headed to the

laundry room. I washed everything, took it to my room and started

folding it all into my dresser drawers. Playing with it and wearing what

i was wearing made me really horny and I was ready to jackoff, but had

to get to class.

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I squirmed through class feeling the panties on my ass and couldn't wait

to get back to the room. I walked in and saw a sack on my bed from the

local department store. In it was a brand new bra and panty set in a

luxury Ivory colored material with lacy trim. There was also a note from

my roommate saying "you looked like you enjoyed the fashion show and I

thought you might like something that hasn't been worn by someone else.

Maybe I can have a private showing." wow, turned me on and made me

horny. I couldn't wait to get them on, but didn't really know what to

think about what my roommate had written. Suddenly there was knock on

the door and I set the sack into the dresser to open the door. Jim was

there, one of the guys from the panty raid and he was acting all nervous

when he came into the room. He asked when my roommate would be back and

I told him he was at his late class and wouldn't be here for an hour at

least. Jim told me that the panty raid was a lot of fun and wondered if he could look at the

trophies again. His shorts were bulging with a half hard cock, and I

opened the dresser drawer to show him everything we had collected was

washed and clean. He just stared and finally said, man, I'm so horny. Do

you think I can have a piece or two to jack off with. I told him that it

was all mine, that I had earned it by wearing it all, but if he wanted

to put on a piece, he could have it. He grinned and started digging

through the drawer, but looked disappointed. He finally pulled out the

white half slip and said this will do, I guess and I told him he had to

put it on or he couldn't have it. I asked him why he was so disappointed

and he said he was looking for something in red as pulled off his t

shirt and shorts and started pulling up the slip over his growing dick.

I said, well the only thing in red here is me, amd slid off my sweats to

show the bra and panties I was wearing.

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Man I am so horny he said I don't think I can get back to my room to

jack off. Do it here I told him. Does it feel good I asked and he was

almost swooning as he dropped onto my bed wrapping his hand around his

silk covered dick. He started pumping and my dick was growing, but I

just wanted to watch him. I asked how it was going and he just grunted.

I reached out and ran my hands over his thighs and that was all it took

for him to soak the slip big time. It took a few minutes for him to

recover, then he kind of grinned and said man I needed that. How bout

you? I looked at the clock and knew that we didn't have a lot of time

before my roomate got back so I was going to have to wait some more. Jim

slid off the slip and used it to wipe up the rest of the cum that was

all over his hips and dick. I told him to leave it with me and I would

wash it later. He got dressed and headed out.

I put the very cummy slip into my closet laundry basket and grabbed the

sack out of my drawer and was looking in it when I heard my room mates

key in the door. I put it back on the bed and pretended to be studying

when he walked in. He said Hi and looked a little disappointed to see

his gift setting where he had left it. He didn't say much, just that he

was going to shower, undressed, wrapped a towel around himself and

headed out to the bathroom to shower. I quickly undressed, put on my new

lingerie and put my sweats back on. I left the sack where it was and

pretended to be studying when he came back into the room. He was

finishing drying off with his back to me when I stood up and took off my

sweats. How do you like your private showing? I asked. He turned around

and looked at me kind of stunned then smiled huge. You don't mind? he

asked, and I said, no, but you have to wear something too as I reached

into the drawer and pulled out one of the

chemises. I got down on the floor by his feet and said step in. By now

his dick was sticking straight out as he stepped into the chemise and I

raised it up so he could stick his arms into the straps. Feels good

doesn't it I asked. he could barely speak just swallowed and nodded. I

was still on my knees and reached up to rub his very hard nipples

through the silk and he shivered. I moved my hands to his ass and

started caressing it with one hand and his nipples with the other. I

licked my fingers and rubbed them on his nipples and he was literally

shaking with lust. he reached down to start jacking his dick, and I

replaced his hand with the one I had been rubbing around on his nipples.

I was rubbing his ass and stroking his cock when he came and came and

came with grunt after grunt. "oh look at the mess on my nighty, I said."

He grinned and said, best cum ever. I stood up and showed him my very

hard cock in my new panties and said, I need to come now.


I've been wearing panties non stop since last night and I'm

really really horny. He reached down and started rubbing the front and

back of my panties so I could get off. I reached inside the bra to play

with my nipples and he pulled the straps off and started sucking my

nipples still using his hands on my panties both front and back until i

exploded with a monster come all over myself and my panties. Looks like

I've got more frilly laundry to do I though as I took off my panties and

replaced them with a clean white pair.