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Satin Skin E or H Cup Breastplate

Satin Skin E or H Cup Breastplate
    Satin Skin E or H Cup Breastplate
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    • SKU: Satin-Skin-E-Or-H-Cup-Breastplate

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    Breathable Satin Skin Breastplate in Size E or H Cup! This is the newest generation of ultra-realistic silicone prosthetics breast plates! There isn't a more life-like breastplate on the market today. Large E or H cup plate with breathable vents for all day or night comfort. Dark, perky nipples and higher neck that can be trimmed to your liking. All sizes below can be stretched 2.5 times what is noted. Choose your own skintone.

      Size E Dimensions:
    Neck circumference: 14.56
    Shoulder width: 18.89
    Lower bust size: 34.25
    Full length: 16.92
    Chest length, width and height:
    6.98 x 16.10 x 3.93

    Size H Dimensions:
    Neck circumference :14.56
    Shoulder width : 19.29
    Upper bust size :42.12
    Lower bust size: 32.28
    Full length: 17.51
    Chest length, width and height: