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Second Skin Hip Enhancement Pads

Second Skin Hip Enhancement Pads
    Second Skin Hip Enhancement Pads
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    Second Skin Hip Enhancement Pads are lightweight, stunningly realistic and impossible to differentiate from the natural body. They add 1 1/4" to each hip, and when powdered they feel like your own skin. These are made to cover the hips and butt so you get a naturally feminine lower body. 

    The pads are not left or right specific, and additional pads may be layered to increase hip thickness. They will make you look stunningly curvy without a fake "bubble" backside.

    Second Skin Hip Pads are very soft, strong and elastic, and they stretch to many times their original size without tearing. When removed, they return to their original size. As a result, one size fits all.

    Second Skin Hip Pads are translucent like human skin, which allows incident light to penetrate. This unique design allows them to perfectly match your own skin tone. Can be color matched with makeup. Will stick alone or with temporary tacky glue. Simply wash with soap and water after use and pat with powder to keep soft and supple.

    Second Skin are the most advanced prosthetic padding in the world today, and they come with a one month replacement guarantee do to manufactured defects; exchanges only. Made to order.