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Ultra Light Teardrop Breast Forms

Ultra Light Teardrop Breast Forms
    Ultra Light Teardrop Breast Forms
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    TEARDROP SHAPE. The Super Gel Ultralight style is extremely realistic in look and feel, with a fraction of the weight. Using cutting edge technology, the development of the Ultralight series is perfect for the client who leads an active lifestyle. The Ultralight prosthetics are comprised of the same advanced life-like Gel, with a new lightweight filler core. These forms can be slept in, worn in the shower or ocean and will last for years with minimal upkeep. They can be adhered with tacky glue (available for an additional fee) or worn with any bra. Made in the USA.


    Level 1- A Cup/Small B Cup
    Level 2- Large B Cup/Small C Cup
    Level 3- Full C Cup
    Level 4- Full C Cup/ D Cup depending on chest measurement


    Nude (Solid Flesh Tone)
    Tan (Darker Solid Flesh Tone)
    Opaque ( Pigment Free Colorless)
    Natural ( Flesh Color with Darker Nipple and Areola)
    Two- Toned Tan (Tan Breast Color With Darker Nipple and Areola For Darker Ethnicities)