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Male Breast Enhancement By Using Glandulars

There's a lot that one can do with clothes, makeup and attitude when it comes to crossdressing. However, many men like to take it another step and help their bodies take on a more typically feminine appearance. If you are not ready to consider invasive and surgical methods, an all natural glandular regimen could be the answer for you to achieve larger breasts, softer skin, thinner male pattern hair and a more filled out buttocks and hips.

Raw glandular concentrates are a modern form of gland therapy, which people have been doing for ages. The concept is based on the idea that consuming the tissues and glands of a bovine source can offer specific health benefits, as the various parts are packed with their own targeted nutrition. In the case of breast enhancement and the enhancement of other female features, men can take glandulars from the mammaries, ovaries and uterus tissues of bovines.

Although prescription versions of hormones are available, the high quality, natural glandulars found at Cross-Dress are safe, effective and without the side effects common with prescription hormones. Rather than use synthetic ingredients derived from plants, we use actual glands for the natural female hormones they contain. In addition, we include herbs that are known to support a healthy, beautiful female body.

While many men have experienced wonderful and satisfying results with raw glandular concentrates for feminization, it is always best to speak with your health care professional before taking any supplements. The glandulars we offer at Cross-Dress are not intended to treat or cure any diseases and are to be taken as supplements only. Cross-Dress has assisted thousands of men who are looking for a non-prescription method of feminizing their bodies. Many men have reported positive results and have been using our supplements for years!

Imagine seeing your body gradually take on a softer, more rounded appearance. You may one day realize your skirts fit better or that you're filling out that blouse a little more than you used to. Raw glandular concentrates are a great way to feminize your body without the invasive measures of surgery. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have!