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Why I Wear Pantyhose

By: Laura

I am a man who absolutely adores wearing sexy pantyhose on a regular basis. I wear pantyhose in the privacy of my own home but also under clothes when I am out and about, this makes me feel especially naughty. Pantyhose for men make me get that feminine vibe and I love the feel of them against my freshly shaved legs. I like to parade around in the mirror in my pantyhose, they make my legs look so sexy that I can't help but to stroke them and things sometimes go even further than that.

It's often viewed as "forbidden" for men to wear pantyhose and I think that is why I enjoy it so much. The sensual feeling of the material against my legs and intimate area literally sends tingles all through my body and this is heightened when I realize how wrong society views it. I sometimes finish off the look with a pair of black heels, it looks so great and is really gratifying.

Before I put on my pantyhose, I like to have a warm shower and pamper myself so that my skin is smooth and subtle ready for the silky soft material that is about to go on my legs. If you think that this is just a fantasy then you couldn't be more wrong. Pantyhose for men CAN be incorporated into your wardrobe so don't be shy. You can wear pantyhose underneath your regular day clothes just like I do. They are super comfy and you will feel excited like you have a secret that nobody else knows about. You can wear pantyhose when you are by yourself or with a partner to really unleash your kinky side. Pantyhose is something that can inject a little something extra special into your relationship and you might see a side of your partner that you never knew existed.

You can get pantyhose for men in a whole range of colors and designs. You can get lots if you like, I like nothing more of an evening than trying on different pairs and admiring my beautiful, soft legs. If you have a day where you feel a little down then slip on some pantyhose, I know that the sensual feel of them against my legs always cheers me up. There are so many men who have the desire to wear pantyhose but they don't admit it, make your flirty fantasy into a reality and have heaps of fun in the process.