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A Day Out For Stephanie

As I pulled up to the address on the email receipt that I received, I almost decided to bail out as my anxiety grew and go back to my hotel. What was I about to do today? Once I texted the number I was given there would be no turning back and my mindset would never be the same. 

You see I had been emailing back and forth with Bree, the woman that I was about to text. I wanted to experience what dressing up and going out on the town would be like as a woman. Bree specializes in these kind of makeovers and assured me, “Stephanie ( my femme name) you will be amazed at what we can do!” Bree explained that her studio was filled with wigs, wardrobe, body modifying forms and everything else a cross dressing guy would need to pass as a woman. 

As I hit send on my phone to send the text I could hardly breathe. Bree opened her front door and waved me in. I immediately felt at ease as she said, “Hello Stephanie it’s so great to finally meet you.” We sat in her living room to discuss what I wanted to “get out” of today’s session. I explained that I wanted to see if I could pass as a woman and would love to have long acrylic nails for at least the day. We talked about exploring BDSM play and I decided that would be amazing even though I was very inexperienced in that area. After our planning meeting we headed downstairs to start the transformation into Miss Stephanie or Steph!

Bree began by giving me a tour of her studio and dungeon play area. I was now anxiously looking at wigs of every color and style, shoes ranging from pumps to thigh high 6 inch heels, dresses, blouses, jewelry, and most strikingly a spanking bench! Beth then said, “Alright Miss Stephanie let’s get things going because our nail salon appointment just moved up a half an hour.” 

Bree advised me to strip off my guy clothes and she helped me start my transformation by pulling up my gaff that happened to also be a g-string. As I was getting used to my new smooth front I was being measured around all of the key areas for Bree to know what size I might wear. As I pulled on my first pair of nylons Bree placed my hip and butt pads in place. It was amazing to feel how much my figure had already changed. I waxed my chest before my appointment and I received kudos from Bree for doing so as she placed my new size D breasts inside of my bra tightly against my now smooth chest. Next up was the corset that would pull everything together, literally, and change my shape into a more hourglassish’ look. Bree began to tighten the corset and as I would breathe in should would pull more of the laces taught. She explained, “Steph, the tighter you can take this the better looking your shape will be.” I had her continue until the tightness just started to impact my breathing and we stopped. The tightness of the corset and the extra weight of my breasts, hips and butt gave me a little sense of how differently I would have to walk, sit and move in girl mode. 

Now, with my improved posture we started trying on dresses and shoes. I could hardly keep my hands off of my newly acquired breasts and hips. Feeling how smooth the gaff kept my front was also an unexpected pleasure. Bree found a dress that covered my still hairy arms and most of my chest. I found that walking in heels above 2 inches was something that would entail some more practice. I was then placed in the makeup chair with a few bright lights that highlighted my face like never before. Bree placed a wig cap on my short cropped hair and began her magic. “Look up, look down, open your lips, blot on this paper, hold still while I draw on your eyeliner, don’t blink while your large false lashes dry” and on it went until Bree exclaimed it was “hair time”! I felt differently in so many ways even before my wig was attached. My body was tight from the corset, my chest heavy from my new breasts, my hips and backside were augmented. My eyes felt heavy from my new lashes, eyeshadow and mascara and I finally felt  my lips smooth from the bright red lipstick that Bree had so meticulously applied. Bree had me close my eyes and lower my head as she chose the wig she thought would be best for me. I was then told to open my eyes as she pulled the sheet off of the mirror. Looking back at me was Stephanie in all of her blonde glory and she looked damn good. I was so excited that I could barely hear Bree saying “Ok sweetheart there will be plenty of mirror time, but we need to add your jewelry and a handbag quickly to not be late for our nail appointments.” Could it be true that I was actually leaving the safety and comfort of her basement studio to go into the real world as Miss Stephanie? 

Bree quickly clipped a few dangling earrings on my ears, put a very feminine ring on my left ring finger, a necklace than had a pendant that hug between my breasts and gave me a purse for my personal items and we were walking up the stairs to leave. I paused at the doorway and she said, “You look amazing and this is going to be so much fun girl time.” I guess I believed her because I walked, very carefully in my 2 inch heels, to her car. I couldn’t stop looking at myself in the cars makeup mirror as we drove to the nail salon. Bree was going to have a shellac manicure and I had an appointment for a full set of acrylic nails. I decided would worry about how I was going to remove them later. I love acrylic nails and really wanted to see how it was to not only have them applied, but “live” with them for a while. Bree pulled into the parking lot of the Eclipse Nail Salon and we parked in the back. I was almost hoping she would give me a chance to back out and we could do a press on nail, but instead she said, “Well here we go, only 2 minutes to spare before we were late!” I quickly did one last check in the mirror, fixed my hair and ensured my new breasts were aligned and I stepped out of the car. 

I walked next to here like two girlfriends out on the town and she held the door to the salon. The smell of acrylic nails permitted the air and the receptionist welcomed us and asked us to “pick out a color” to which Bree looked at me and said “I’ll be choosing your color, shape and length today so enjoy.” We were asked to sit in the very front row of nail stations and I moved to the station along the wall as about fifteen ladies looked our way. No one batted an eye as we both got settled. The nail tech asked in her broken English, “who is getting the full set?” Bree promptly pointed at me and answered, “She is!” For a brief moment I wondered who the she that Bree was referring to was seated and then I realized Bree referred to and saw me as a female for this day. I was then instructed by our technician to “You move here” as she pointed to the seat on the main aisle in the front row, gone was my protection that the wall provided me. I tried to gracefully move and reset my dress under my bottom while not falling in my, albeit not high, heels. Nancy, my nail tech then instructed me step by step through the detailed process of having my nails done. First we started with her chastising me for biting my nails. She then began to work on each finger as if it was its own piece of art. The buffing of the nail, gluing of the white tip, and the application of various nail solutions finally led to the question of “how long? Bree immediately started to answer and was about to have her cut the very long tip down to a manageable length when interrupted by saying “can we keep them this long”, meaning the full two inches long. Bree laughed and said why not, let’s see how you do. Nancy disagreed, but when I asked again she replied “your nails”. Bree instructed Nancy to make my nails a French manicure style, which she did with amazing detail. After curing each hand under the UV light I was told to go wash my hands in the sink on the other side of the salon. Horror took over and Bree assured me that I would be okay. I stood, with my perfectly corrected posture and walked as femininely as I could in front of the entire pedicure row filled with women watching my every move. I showed off my long nails and swished back to my seat, I did it and didn’t pass out! 

After taking a few minutes to pay, grabbing cash from a small purse with two inch nails is not that easy, we were off for drinks and dinner. Again I was hoping to find a quiet table along the back of the restaurant, but Bree decided we should sit at the bar rail to give me the most exposure as Steph. I did look hot with my long blonde hair, long eyelashes, perfectly done makeup, hour glass’ish figure and sexy long squared off French manicured acrylic nails. Almost as quickly as we sat down the male bartender welcomed us with the typical “Welcome to the Palladium ladies, can I get a few menus?” Wait did he say ladies? I was again shocked that the world didn’t end and someone called me a lady once more. Bree conveniently left me alone while she used the ladies room and I got to converse in the best feminine voice I could muster. We had a great dinner and then we departed for Bree’s studio or shall I say dungeon for some play time. 

We both chatted about what a fun evening we have had so far and Bree still couldn’t get over my extremely long nails. I love the sound that acrylic nails make when you click them together and Bree noticed that part of my fetish. Upon arriving back at her place she did give me the option to opt out of our introduction to BDSM session, but I had come so far to stop now. She then became more directive in an almost dominatrix type of way! I was told to put on the  six inch black heels and to make my way into the play room. We began by having me straddle the spanking bench I had seen earlier and lay face down on it. The sexual excitement was peaking as Bree shackled my wrists and ankles before pulling a chain through all four of the shackles. It was a euphoric feeling to see myself in a mirror dressed as Steph being bound by leather and chains. My long blonde hair was partially covering my view, but I was able to click my nails together as I was still loving the feel they had on my finger tips. As Bree noticed me enjoying the session with the bench between my legs she pulled the chains taught and me nearly off the bench. "It's time for the cross" she said in a stern tone. I was then shackled by each limb to a vertical cross that was shaped like an X. Bree then grabbed a paddle and introduced me to light impact play. I could feel the excitement build between my legs, but the gaff did its job and kept everything flat and under control. After a while my session time was coming to and end. Bree helped me transition back to boy mode and although I was sad to see Steph go away, I knew I would be back for more. I hugged Bree and thanked her for everything. I got back into my car to return to my hotel and as I looked at my hands on the steering wheel I saw Steph’s fingernails wrapped around the wheel. Click click!