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Krystal's Crossdressing Story

How I first found out I was Born in the wrong body. It all started on a summer day I was 5 years old, I was just a child .It was 9 am my mom dropped me off at her mother’s house. I was there for the day. At around noon we sat down for lunch and I told my grandmother that I felt strange and that I did not understand my feelings at this point. I asked her if I could ask her a question she then replied yes. She asked me what was troubling me .I told her I did not feel much like who I am and she asked if I could explain so I did. We sat down and talked about my feelings and my grandma gave me the best answer she could. She told me she would dress me up as a girl to see how I felt. She asked me if this was what I was feeling I told her yes. I thought at first I was just curious but after that I knew I was in the wrong body for sure. I felt more like a girl than a boy, I felt more feminine and I liked playing with girls toys like Barbie dolls, baby dolls, playing house and playing dress up. I loved the feeling of Fabrics like silk, satin, and lace on me because it made me feel pretty and feminine. One day while I was at my grandma’s house she dressed me up in a lacey white skirt, white blouse with lacey stuff on it, and white heels. she did my nails red and my make up too. My grandma told me she wanted to take me for an outing to the fabric store, so we went. When we walked in to the store all eyes were on me. All the little ladies in the store gave me so many nice compliments. They told my grandma what a cute little granddaughter she had and how pretty a little girl I was. They said I was precious and I was the cutest, best behaved little girl. I loved the way the ladies treated me. It felt like I belonged, like I was a girl. It made me happy and I smiled all the way home. When We got home we talked about plans for the coming summers and Christmases. We talked about me coming to stay with her and being her granddaughter during those times. My grandma told me if I was going to do this that I had to look and act right like a proper young girl. she asked me if I was ready to agree to this so I said yes. At the beginning of summer break my mom dropped me off one afternoon. My grandma had me put my things in my room she had set up for me there. Then she washed and rolled my hair on pink plastic and foam curlers. She gave me the option of which one I wanted her to use in my hair. Sometimes I liked the plastic ones and sometimes I liked the foam ones. It was around six to seven o clock in the evening by the time she was done with my hair. The curlers felt so good in my hair . My grandma told me I looked very pretty too. we had eaten dinner we got ready for bed around 9 pm. After dinner she told me to go get the pink lacey night gown she had for me and put it on so I did. She told me I would sleep with my hair in the curlers overnight so I did. In the morning I woke up and walked to where she would be waiting for me in the kitchen. My grandma had a brush, hair spray, and hair pins. She would take the curlers out one by one very carefully. She would then gently brush my hair into pretty curly style. I loved the look and feel of it. Then she would spray it in place with hair spray. I loved the smell of her hair spray and I felt so pretty. My grandma then handed me a pair of little black panties and told me to go slip them on so I did. she then handed me a frilly white dress and told me to slip it on too and she helped me slip it over my nice pretty hair. When I was done with that my grandma did my makeup. She put shiny red lipstick on my lips and she did my nails a nice pretty pink. She was good at doing nails, she was a licensed cosmetologist. My grandma and I made this a ritual for until I was 15 years old. I wished she could have done more with me but I stopped coming around. I lived with my father’s parents about this time, I stopped going to see my grandma and instead went to school on my holiday and summer breaks. When I would stay home with my dad’s mother we would wait until my grandpa went to work. After he left to work she would wash my hair and then she would towel dry it. Then she would call me to her bathroom where she would blow dry my hair. Then she would part my hair and wrap each section around her curling iron. She would spray my hair with her pretty smelling hair spray each time after arranging my pretty curls. I ran around the house acting like a girl for fun my dad’s mom even called me her darling little girl. I had a fun time there too while the fun lasted. My dad’s mother did this to me till I was 16 and then again I stopped. When I got into high school I put all those fun years behind me and ignored who I really was, the girl inside me who was screaming to come out, for a long time. When I was 23 years old I was living alone and I found a Group called the River City Gems, It was a group for cross dressers and for transgender people like myself who had a woman inside them screaming to come out. For those people who needed support on bringing out the woman in them. River City Gems helped them be more open with their feminine side. I once again got the help bringing out the real me. I brought myself back out to the light. I started to be me again they helped me in a big way. I met a lot of nice people there like me. We made friends of each other they helped me choose a womanly name that fit me. The group invited me to many group meetings, parties and dinner meetings. We went to dress stores and make up stores. I remember one night in particular we met for dinner at a place called Mimi’s Café on Alta Arden in Sacramento. There we ate, talked, and laughed. Then afterwards we met up at Arden fair mall where we were invited to a full evening of pampering at sephora’s makeup store. There they taught us to do our makeup and we tried on wigs, it was fun. It lasted until 10 pm that night. One day I went to a wig store called wig gallery on sunrise blvd where I bought a blond and brown mix wig. It was long hair I put it on and felt so much like me who I was meant to be. I then went and bought some woman clothes. I had to come back to reality as everyone calls it and I stopped again until I was 27 years old. When I met the woman of my dreams. Her name was Melissa. I was so scared to come out and tell her about me, the real me. One day I decided after I married her I knew she would not leave me if I told her the truth so one day I got up the guts and I told her . I told her that I had something important to tell her. I told her who I really was. She was so open minded about it and understanding. It was more than I could have asked for. My wife was like “are you for real” I was like “yes”. So now she supports me and she loves me for me. She helps me pick out clothes and teaches me to do my makeup. She helps me pick out my shoes and high heels. My wife taught me to walk in the high heels like a woman. She has shown me how to sit like a woman and how to somewhat act like a woman. I could not do it without her and I feel so special to have her. I told her about the River City Gems which I hope to rejoin here soon. she said she will go with me she also has met and seen pictures of my transgender friends online on my facebook. She is still learning about the transgender stuff to help me more. This is how Krystal came to be. My wife is now calling me Krystal a lot more. She is trying to get into the swing of things. I know it is taking her time to get used to the whole thing and that is understandable. I have told my family about me and so far everyone is ok with it and very supportive of Krystal. I know it is going to take them a while to get into it but in time it will happen. Being Krystal throughout my life has been a long road for me but I have to thank my Mom’s mother for helping. For helping me realize I was a transgender at age 5 without even knowing myself. I also have my dad’s mom to thank for helping me on it too; and last but not least my beautiful wife who is still with me and helping me with this and who will stay with me as I transition from male to female. I am planning things little by little but it will all happen. I am working hard to make my goals and dreams come true. I am trying to be the best woman I can. I try to do what I can each day. By the end of the year I hope to be on hormone pills to get more womanly inside my body. I am already growing my breast out that has been an experience it’s self and still is. I take Vitamins to grow my breasts they are all natural they come from GNC I try to make sure to take two a day each day. I feel like Krystal more and more. She really wants to come out. I want to come out to my wife’s family about me before it is to late and they find out on their own. For the longest time during those periods when I pushed back my feelings and hid that side away from myself and the world I felt so bad for doing so. I hated myself for having to hide Krystal even though deep down inside me that was who I really was. I tried to escape my true self but I knew that one day my real self would show again. people would look at me when I would go to the mall and go into Victoria secret and I would want to try things on. Once I explained things to the workers they understood the way I felt. My cheeks were always red and I blushed with embarrassment but they told me it was ok and it made me feel better. I would then go to another woman store in the mall and I had to ask for help because I was not sure what would fit and what wouldn’t. The ladies in there were always very friendly and were ready to help. They knew I was Transgender. I did not even have to explain my feelings to them they understood and that made me happy to know I was accepted by some people in the public world. I feel so much better now that I have started to come out now. I get asked a lot why the name Krystal. I tell them my transgender friends helped me out with it and the people of River City Gems. The River City Gems are a great group of people and the group has done a lot for me to help me realize the real me. They are a support group and they stand up to what they are known for. When I joined the River City Gems group I was told there was no age limit or race that could not join so I was really happy. Krystal is a big part of me now. She is who I am I want that to be known. I am now being true to myself thanks to the group. I hope to get back into it again. I don’t know what I was thinking all those years trying to wipe Krystal out of my life. I will never do that again because I want to be happy. I want everyone around me that knows me to be happy for me too. I want everyone to know how I came to be Krystal. I want them to read my story So they can understand my feelings and what I am about. I know it is a new concept and idea and there are lots of things for people to learn about me. That is expected but I want everyone to know that and be open about it. I am open to any questions they want to ask me. They should feel free to do so and I will explain things more to them if they want more details. Being transgender to me is almost natural to me. I felt this way from age 5 as I mentioned in my first page. My family Asked me when this first happen. I first told my step dad he was not surprised. He knew from when he first met me there was something different about me. Then I waited a while to tell my mom. She was not so sure about me being transgender, but when I told her it was her mother who helped me to find out that I was transgender she understood. She told me it would take her a little while to adapt to the idea which I was ready for. I have not yet told my brother or his wife about Krystal but within time I will. I know it is a new thing to the world for transgender people but it has been going on for centuries now. I think people should be understanding to US and how we feel. This is the way we were born not just something we wake up with every morning and say hey I want to be transgender. It’s a condition that we are born with. Its natural. Sometimes things happen that gets our attention. Transgender people can be so much more loving caring compassionate and understanding to people. We are open to more suggestion,we are easier to shop for, we love to do all the same great things woman do .That is what we are working towards; being full women. It is a very serious thing they call it sex reassignment surgery. It involves removing the male penis to open up a vaginal area and to grow or enlarge the male breast. It’s just a matter of how big you want to go really. It’s a very costly surgery too but in the end for us transgender people who were meant to be women it is worth the cost. It is from $18,000 to $35,000. Just depends on about how far we want to take things. For me I am on my way with making my breast bigger and fuller with all natural herbs. Then in four to five years I will get my penis removed and a vagina opened up then I will be done. I will be Krystal for the rest of my life it is who I was meant to be. My wife is a big help she tells me all the time she wants to see me happy and if this is who I am, who I want to be and if it makes me happy go for it. She will help me with it. My wife tells me that I don’t make a good blonde. She says I need to go with black or brown hair. I told her Ok. She’s a great teacher when it comes to teaching Krystal about being a proper woman. I am going to be the best I can be and I know I can make it happen. My childhood memories were some of the many things that play into Krystal. I used to watch my mom’s friend come over and perm her hair so I used to love the smell of the solution. Later in life I started going to salons to get perms of my own. I loved it. I would walk in and the lady at the front desk would ask me what I was there for. I would say I am here to get a perm. I followed the lady to the stylist chair then a minute later the stylist would come drape me and ask me what kind of perm I would like. She would take me to the shampoo bowl and wash my hair and then towel dry it. Then she would section the hair and then wrap it in the end papers. Then she would take the rods and roll my hair. After my hair was all done and wrapped she would put the solution on it and cover my head with a plastic bag. Forty five minutes later she would come back to rinse my hair, put the neutralizer in my hair, and leave me again to bake for twenty minutes. After Twenty minutes she would come back take the rods out and wash my hair one last time. Then she would style my hair and I would pay her. She would ask me how I liked it. I felt like I was in heaven. I loved the feelings of being treated like the other ladies in the salon. The sight, sounds, and the smells of the salon, I really enjoyed being there. I have not been back to one in a year now and I miss going. I really want a perm again, but timing for Krystal now is a bit hard so I will just have to wait till things get a little better. I used to sneak into my mom’s panty drawer when I was a child. I would take one or two pair and keep them. I wore them around the house while I was home alone. She never ever found out but I had to sneak around so no one really knew about who or what I really was back then. I am glad I no longer have to hide it from my family. I have had a journey through life and I still am every day. One day I will see the end of the rainbow once I am a full woman. I am so far an A cup in bra size, a size 7 to 9 in panties, I am a large in skirts, an extralarge in blouses, and a size 12 in high heels. I have to find out what size I am in dresses and pants still. I have to start putting my collection together. I hope one day to be able to go to my in laws with my nails at least painted or they can come over here with me like that. I am getting tired of hiding away from them just cause they want to hate people who are like that. I know someone in the family who is gay. It took a while for the family to come around to the fact that he’s gay, but they learned to accept him for who he is and his partner in life cause he wasn’t going to change who he was for anyone and neither will I. Krystal is who I am and that is that. People say that they want me to be happy well me being Krystal makes me happy. I am Her and She is who I am so I want ever one to be happy that I am happy being Krystal till this day I still try to push forward to be krystal seems like my future is getting set farther out every time something in my life does not work the way it should.