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Relieving Some Pressure 18+

Relieving Some Pressure
By Sabrina


It was late, I was listening to music, I was in my short white nightgown drinking coffee.

"Hi Sabrina, it's Mike remember me?"

Mike's name came up on my phone. A couple of little smiley faces, a couple of heart eyes emojis, his name was full of reds and yellows, so of course I remembered him.

"Yes, hi baby how are you?"

"Great now that I hear your voice, heh, I was wondering if you had some time on Saturday."

"Hmm, maybe. Why do you want to see me, or do you just want to know what I will be wearing?"

He laughed, I could tell he loved our little talks, our flirting. "Well both, but actually I could use your help, I told you I was an occupational therapist?"


"Well, I have some clients that need, well, they could use a little bit of your special talents."

I could feel I was making a face, I smushed my lips, I had a lot of special talents. "Which ones exactly?"

"Well all of them."

"Ha, of course."

"I will pay you, I have a big budget and I know you are a busy girl. And I know you would be great at relieving some pressure. So what do you say to Saturday at noon."

"Saturday I tend to relax, but if I can be of some help, then I am all in, ha."

"Great. Oh, and if you have a friend, you can bring her too."


The two of us were standing, making noise in our high heels in front of a non-descript hi-rise, downtown. Across from the park and next to a huge parking lot and an even bigger steakhouse. It smelled pretty good, I started to get a craving for white wine, so I texted Mike.

'We are here, we are looking fabulous, and we can use a glass of chardonnay, ha.'

Geraldine was pacing, she had on her long coat, she was shading her eyes and looking up toward the top of the building. "What he say?"

"He said okay, with about thirty thumbs up, I guess that's a big yes."


Three days ago, right after the call from Mike, I called Geraldine, she had her own special talents. Whatever we were doing today, everyone will be satisfied. We were older, but of course, that meant more experience, more talent, so much more fun.

We headed into the building, talked to a doorman and an elevator operator, we promised to say goodbye when we left. Geraldine left finger and lip prints all over them.

"You shouldn't be flirting with someone who's working." I reminded her, "You are going to make it too hard for them, well for the rest of the day, ha."

"Yeah but that's the plan, hard and waiting."


I met Geraldine years ago, at a fancy barbeque, with the wives. Um, well, yes, we are both married, both bored, both of us can become fabulous, sexy women, by the way. We didn't know we shared this same lifestyle, we didn't know we were so similar, but once we started talking about the women's dress sense, lack of lipstick and sneakers at the party, well, then, we knew, ha.

The wives know we are up to something, but we don't advertise it, don't talk about it and neither of them has ever seen our female sides. I have been dressing up since I was a teenager, even earlier. Geraldine was the same, the two of us were always in lingerie no matter what our outer clothing dictated. This morning we met at her house, spent a couple of hours getting ready. It was so worth it, the two of us looked incredible going up and gazing into the elevator mirror, flirting with our image and practicing our pouts. 

I had the wife home today so there was no way I was going to be able to get dressed and sneak out. She would be doing laundry and watching True Crime shows all day. She wouldn't even miss me, actually, I don't even think she knows I'm out of the house. I put what I needed in a shopping bag and headed over to my Geri's. We went right into her room, her feminine room she keeps for her feminine side. Lots of flowers, pinks, and pale yellows.

"Does the S.O. know you are going out today?" I wondered while I placed my makeup and brushes on the vanity next to hers.

"I told her, but she'll be busy, I'm not too worried about it." 

Geraldine was almost done with her makeup when I arrived. Lots of pinks and rose on her eyes and lips, her long lashes and lightly defined cheeks. Her wig today was long and blonde, with bangs, she was going to be looking very mysterious, as well as sexy. She wore long dangling earrings making tingles to warn the men when she got closer. She also had long pink press-on nails. Me? I wore beige, that was my go-to. We always threatened to get gel nails, long gorgeous colors that wouldn't come off so easy, ones we couldn't hide while we drove or waved to others flirting with us on the Avenue. Ones that made us look so sexy while we texted on our phones, or played with our long hair.

"The men of this world are going to love your lingerie if you let them see it."

"Ha, maybe I will. Do we know what is happening yet, is it still a surprise?"

I checked my phone, I was checking all morning. "Still nothing from Mike but he says we are going to love it, and I gotta believe him, he is a man of his word."

Geraldine was even wearing pink underneath her pinker dress. Nice silk and lace panties and a silk patterned bra covering her D-cup breasts. We were the same size, we both ordered Cross-Dress breast forms together, we both wanted to be bigger than the other but in the end, the girl, Rita, that took our measurements picked the size out for us. When we went to get color matched and fitted we were drinking merlot, while she called us sluts and tightened the tape measure around us, we did nothing but laugh the entire afternoon. 

Today, Geraldine also had on white thigh highs with a nice little bow on the elastic, it was perfect and feminine, whoever found them first was going to be completely excited, sliding their hands or lips all over her bows.

Me? I had on huge golden hoops in my pierced ears, hiding under my reddish blonde hair. I had on a light gray basque, slightly boned giving me a more narrow waist. My breasts fit nicely in the cups. It was one piece covering me from my breasts to my crotch but it had a nice little hole in the back, another surprise for whoever we met today. I then had on my nude thigh highs and I slipped on my six-inch nude pumps. My dress was tank styled, tight on the waist, and full on the hips, it was tan and full of white and pale blue flowers. I was wearing Monique Lhuillier Eau de Parfum, I wanted to smell exactly the way my dress looked, sexy, floral, and French. 

Geraldine always wore her Ralph Lauren Romance perfume whether she was wearing pink or not. Today her dress had tiny straps barely covering the bra, she was showing off so much cleavage. The dress was short just reaching the tops of her white stockings. I watched her slip on the six-inch pink sandals, with an ankle strap and chunky heels, I'm sure she didn't want them flying off again. Sometimes the men we are with are a little rough. 


"Here!" I announced in my dainty lilt, as we stood in front of room 1801. As we posed in our tight dresses, waiting for our surprise to appear in front of us. I tapped with my fingertips.

The door opened, it was Mike, he wasn't that surprised, that we were so dressed up. I introduced him to Geraldine and she gave him a bigger than usual kiss. Then we walked into a huge room, a meeting area, a living room, and a hall leading to who knows where. I checked out a couple of different vintages of Chardonnay and Cabernet on the table along with nibbles.

I noticed Mike was a couple of inches taller than Geraldine when he escorted her in, he grabbed her hand with the longer pink nails. He kissed her again, his tongue went inside her. "Mmm, just want a little sample." He smiled he kissed some more, I checked my phone, Geri doesn't let men get away too easily, this might take a while. 

I then started pouring some wine as Mike started making some moaning sounds. I sat on the table crossing my legs, with a full glass and I watched how she played with him, as she rubbed his hardness through the denim, all the time their mouths fused.

"You are so big, is this going inside of me today?" She asked.

"I wish, I have clients, they can't wait to meet the two of you."

Mike couldn't get away, she kept on kissing and playing with his hard manhood. I watched her slip inside his pants, his zipper. Her long pink nails playing with his manhood now sticking out and pointing right for her. 

I tasted the white wine, I watched her technique, she knew how to stroke a man, she was a pro, she could make a man cum just by blowing on his nipples.

It didn't take long until he was moaning, she had both hands playing with his hard cock. Kneading his dick, he started to grunt louder just as Geri dipped down and ran her face on his crotch, his hands now in her blonde hair. 

"God, you feel great." He sighed as she took him inside her pink lips, as she continued to suck the hot jism from his shooting cock.

She giggled, as she left a nice bright pink lip print on his dark pants before she stood up. She smiled, tapped his nose and I gave her a glass of wine. We watched Mike zip and stagger away, he will be hard the rest of the afternoon thinking about her lips, and Geraldine knew it. She sat next to me on the table, our legs crossed, shaking our high heels. Her bright pink, mine shiny nude, we knew we could look nonchalant when it was called for.

We sipped as Mike disappeared, we heard some talking, some mumbling. Then we heard a deep dark voice. "Look at this. Two blondes, is it our birthday?"

Mike was with two large men, one African American, very wide, with short hair and a mustache. The other was olive-skinned just as tall and just as wide and large as the other one. We hopped off of the table we soon stood in front of the men and were introduced.

"Well girls, these are my clients, if you recognize them don't tell me, don't tell anyone. I am sure they look different not wearing shoulder pads and jerseys, ha. I am taking care of their team, they need some stress relief, a little bit of a fun workout, I want you two to take care of them the way you took care of me.

Geraldine sidled up to the darker man, she put her fingers with her long nails on his chest, his tight t-shirt. "I will take this one."

We laughed as his friend walked over and took my hand, kissing them and admiring my beige nails. "I'm Ray and your name baby?"

"Sabrina, nice to meet you, Ray." I gave him a sly smile, knowing who he really was, and then gave him a small kiss, right near the lips, nothing out of the ordinary, I will save that for later.

"And who is this blonde-pink princess?"

Geri smiled, she moved back and posed, one hand on her hip and the other in her longer-than-usual blonde hair. "Geraldine and you look quite familiar, what can I call you?"

"Trey, that is my alias."

"Mmm, Trey you sound quite delicious. I will imagine you in a helmet and uniform. I love a man in uniform."

"Okay," Mike was still here, we looked over at him surprised. "I would love to stay, but I have more clients to talk to. Ladies, these men have games tomorrow, so treat them like fine china, ha. Nothing too rough."

Geri laughed, "We will try, but we don't promise anything."

"Just stress relief, just relieving some of the pressure. I want them loosened up for the game, I know you two will be perfect." Mike winked, then he was gone.

I took Ray's hand and brought him over to the couch as Geraldine took her man to the table, she made him sit next to the wine glasses. He opened his legs and she moved between them, they were making out and whispering, I couldn't hear, I couldn't pay attention I had a large man looking at me.

"So Ray, do you like my dress?" I spun, I lifted it up just a bit to show off my nude legs. He watched, he moved to the edge of the couch and put out his large hands trying to reach me, I stood back. "First compliments, baby."

"Ha," He laughed as I lifted my dress higher, showing off the bottom of the lingerie, my satin basque. "Nice, I love it. You are beautiful and I love your legs, can you really walk on those heels?"

"I can, I have been wearing heels since I was a teenager, I am not a teenager anymore." I made a sad face as I moved closer as he took hold of my waist in his huge hands and arms. He kissed my belly as I dropped the hem of my dress. I played with his hair, it was long, light brown, and messy, I messed it up even more as I pushed him into me. Feeling him against my nylon dress and lingerie was already making me a little excited.

"Oh, my god!" Geri was still in between Ray's legs, but now his shirt was off, she had her hands on his hairy chest. "Baby, you are all man, I just want to lick your chest. Mmm..." And she did. She started at his neck, then licked down, sucking on his nipples as he played with her hair. She left little bite marks on his hard stomach, as she moaned, as she made her way down. She was now on her knees, nuzzling his dark chocolate stomach, pushing her lips and cheek into him, his perfectly toned and muscled physique. "Mmm..."

"Geri, I love this, I love a woman on her knees." She looked up and started to massage his thighs. They locked eyes as she kneaded, as she rubbed, and played. She saw something getting hard, crawling down the man's leg, hidden by the tight pants. She started to pet it as he watched, as she blew him a kiss and showed off her long lashes.

"It looks like I should let this loose." She smiled as she rubbed him some more. "Would you like that?" She tilted her head as he stood, as he opened his pants, brought down his zipper. She helped take off his sneakers, his socks, his pants now down by his ankles. She stood up on her tall heels and took hold, she was mesmerized by his manhood, barely hidden in his boxers, almost peeking through the bottom. She pulled off his pants, she threw them, they landed right near me and Ray. 

"Ha that was close," Ray laughed as I did the same to him, taking off his shoes, his pants, then his socks. 

I bent down, now on my nylon knees, and started kissing his ankles, his calves his knees. "Baby, you are so hairy, I love that in a man, ha." And I kissed and nuzzled his thighs. My long nails combed through the brown hair, feeling his muscled legs, feeling the hardness of his masculine body. I started to kiss again, licking upwards, licking towards his crotch, his gray tight briefs. I took hold of him, his bulge was huge, hidden behind the cotton of his shorts. I put my mauve lips on him, I nuzzled. I looked up at him and smiled, he looked so content, his workout was even better than he imagined it was going to be. His day was turning out amazing.

"God, I love a blonde woman between my legs, so close to me."

"Do you?" And then I pushed his hardness with my nose, my chin, I let the cotton rub my face as I played with him. I gave him a look, the one that said I wanted him, the look that always drove men over the edge. My long lashes, my blue shadow, and my eyes invited him to keep his gaze locked on me.

"Oh, baby, you look incredible. I love those eyes and those lips of yours."

I smiled, I grabbed the elastic of his briefs, I pulled them down with my long beige fingers, clashing with his olive skin. His manhood popped up, inches from my lips, I started breathing a little ragged, I couldn't go close to it yet, I had to take off his briefs, then his shirt, I wanted my man naked.

I pulled off his shorts and threw them near Geri and Trey. I stood and pulled his head into my breasts as I took his shirt and brought it over his head. I threw it over toward the others too. I wanted them to know Ray was naked.

Trey was now on the floor, Geri straddling his hard black body, his hard black stomach. She had her dress straps down around her arms, she was showing off so much of her cleavage, the top of her large breasts. She was on his knees rubbing her tits on his hard cock, his manhood was standing up straight and tall as her boobs in her pink dress rubbed him. 

"Take off your dress, please, I want to see you."

She smiled, she slowly stood up, a high heel on either side of his hips. She inched further, she had her crotch right above his eyes, his hands now investigating her legs. She unzipped, took off her dress, over her head, she crouched on top of Trey.

"Mmm, you smell so delicious, baby." He nuzzled her with his nose. He kissed her crotch, playing with her clit, hidden in the white panties. He pressed his lips harder as she played with his short dark curly hair. He was moving his lips and chin all over her bottom, Geri started to moan as she moved lover, as he started to suck her panties, started to make her drip.

"I want you in my mouth, Trey, I need it so bad." She turned around, putting her wet ass in Trey's face as she hovered her lips over his hard cock, she kissed as he moaned, she licked and he moaned louder, she let him move inside and he grunted, he couldn't stand still.

She started to suck the head of his cock, tasting his precum, tasting his manhood. He started to kiss her perfect ass, lick her behind, she was bouncing she couldn't keep still with his hard black cock in her mouth and his soft black lips on her ass. She started sucking harder as his cock went deeper inside her lips, she squeezed them tighter, making as much friction as she could, letting him thrust and start fucking her mouth. He was so big, his massive black cock was as big as her forearm as she tried not to gag, tried not to let him out of her warm, dripping mouth. She felt him move the panty from her hole as his tongue now went inside of her. His long tongue, licking, making her wetter, opening her up a little more just waiting to take his manhood.

"Fuck, baby you taste amazing, I want to be inside of you." Trey kept complimenting her as his tongue went deeper, as his cock went even deeper into her mouth. Geri was no longer gagging she was used to his big black cock, she was used to his girth, she was falling in love with his taste and smell. She grabbed his cock with both hands as he fucked her mouth, as she tried to hold on. 

She pulled her lips off of his dick as she pushed her bottom more into his face, she felt wetter and wetter, ready for his manhood to enter her. She rolled off of him, taking off her bra and revealing her perfect D-cup breasts. She started to rub them as he moved over her, getting closer, his hard cock aiming at her wet 'pussy,' and her hardening 'clit.'

He hovered over her much smaller body, her white stockings, her high heels. He kissed her 'clit,' making her scream. "Trey fuck me, I want your hard black cock inside of me." She moaned, she opened her legs as he moved between them. He kissed her belly and nuzzled her tits before bringing up her nylon legs. he took hold of her thighs as she arched her back, her silky legs now on his massive shoulders, her heels bouncing on either side of his handsome face. She started to rub her 'clit' as Trey moved his massive body closer, as his cock started finding her hole.

He slowly entered her, just the tip of his dick, just the head, just slightly inside of her. Geri screamed, "Trey stop teasing me, I want you inside of me." He moved a little more in and then withdrew, in again a little more, then pulled out. Her fingers reached for him, her long nails scratching his hard chest. She couldn't see straight, she needed his black cock all the way inside of her. He pushed in a little more, opening up her 'pussy,' opening her up just a little more. She screamed again, then he pushed, he watched her as the entire length of his ebony cock entered her hole, her perfect wet 'pussy.'


"Geri you feel incredible, I love that you can take my entire cock inside of you." He kissed her white nylon calve, clashing with his dark brown skin, lips. "You are a perfect woman, baby." And then he thrust, she saw stars as her head went back and her body arched, he started to fuck her hard. She pushed, she moaned, she had never gotten a screwing as intense as this before, she was enjoying herself immensely. She was scratching his chest again as he thrust his perfect large black penis inside of her. His entire cock went into her, slightly pulling out and then back again, his balls were slapping against her ass.

"Oh my god Trey you feel wonderful, I love how you are fucking me."

He smiled and then pulled his massive cock out of her hole. He moved her like a doll, onto her side and held her one leg as he entered again. His cock completely buried, he held it all the way in as she wiggled and bounced, feeling him hit every erroneous zone in her 'pussy.'

"You feel so good."

"My god, my god, my god, keep pushin' Trey keep fuckin' me."

As he pushed she started to rub her clit again, now slightly over her silk panties. She rubbed as he thrust, as he fucked her hard as she screamed. 

"Fuck baby..." Trey yelled louder as he started to reach the beginning of his orgasm. he pulled out again. Geraldine was now on her back as Trey kneeled over her, he aimed his massive black cock at her face, touching her chin as he pumped with both of his strong hands. She screamed as he started cumming on her, as she started to orgasm herself into her hands. He was filling up her mouth as she tried to swallow, as she tried to take it all. There was so much. He leaned down and placed his cock on her lips, she licked the rest of his cum off of his hard dick. She swallowed some more and he wiped his cock all over her, her cheeks, her nose, and then back to her lips. She continued to suck until he was clean, he was better than new, he was still so big, black, and hard. 

"Now I want to taste you." he smiled, he moved his body down, he licked the sperm that had come out of her, the little bit that was on her soft belly above her panties. "Mmm, you taste wonderful baby." He licked it all, then he cleaned her clit, sucking lightly. He tucked her back into her panties and kissed her softening 'clit' one more time. He grinned, he lay down next to her, his huge feet under the table. he played with her hair as he lightly kissed her beautiful face. 

"I love when you touch me. "Geri smiled up at him, her hands on her breasts."

"Why don't you come to stay with me in Florida after the season ends? It will be fun. I will be able to fuck you all day long."

"We'll see." She smiled and licked her pink lips as the two of them listened to Sabrina and Ray, listened to more love in the afternoon.

"Sabrina I love this ass of yours." She had her dress off, she was in her lingerie, stockings, and heels. her breasts were bouncing as he played with her. Ray had his hands on her hips as he investigated the hole in her lingerie. It was perfectly placed right over her 'pussy.' Sabrina could sew, all her lingerie had openings for her men, so she could still stay dressed and look like a woman.

She pushed back into his face, "Do you want me, Ray?"

"I do baby, I want you now." He grabbed her, lifted her in his arms. she had her white hands on his olive-colored chest, hanging onto his strong massive neck as he held her silky legs. Her high heels bounced as he brought her back over to the couch. He laid down taking her with him. She was on his hard body, her big hoop earrings shaking as she kissed his neck, as his hard tan cock pushed against her body. She moved down taking him into her lips as he watched. She loved when a man watched her, looking at her perfect makeup, her blue eyes, her wet glossy lips. She kept their gaze locked once again as his cock disappeared into her mouth, the perfect mauve color surrounding his hard manhood, looking sexy as she moved up, tasting him.

'Mmm, my favorite flavor, man, ha." She went back to his cock, still sucking hard.

"I'm Columbian, do you like that?" He smiled, his white teeth looking perfect, complimenting his darker skin.

"I do, I love how light I look next to you, ha. I am so white."

"White and blonde is my favorite, you are my type, you are my fantasy. because of you, I will play so much better tomorrow."

I laughed, I knew he was teasing me. I went down and sucked him harder, rubbing my body on his legs, he could not keep still, I held onto his hips, I let his body move against mine. Soon I almost had half his huge cock down my throat, he was the biggest man I had ever sucked, I would have to practice a lot more. Next time I wanted his pubic hair tickling my nose. I continued to suck as he moaned, I knew he was loving this.

"Come here." He took my hand as my lips drew away from his cock, leaving a long thin line of pre cum from his dick to my lips. Soon he had me on all fours and he was licking my 'pussy' through the hole. His tongue was so long, it felt so good inside of me. Next went his fingers, two then three, opening my ass a little more, getting me ready for his hard manhood. Soon his cock was inching closer, ready to enter me. Once the head was in I almost blacked out, I was nervous, he was so big. He grabbed my waist as he slowly pushed in, as she slowly let me get used to him.

"Oh my god Ray, you are a monster."

"That's okay baby, I am feeding you my cock, ha. Soon you will be begging me for more, ha."

Soon more was inside of me, I felt split in half as he pushed further, harder. I started to shake, to bounce, my body was vibrating, shivering like crazy as he slid into my hole. When I felt his body against me I thought I would scream, but I held it in, I was going to wait until I came. He slapped my ass as he rode me, as his dick moved in and out, as he bruised my waist under my lingerie with his huge fingers.

"Ahh," I moaned, as he pulled out, "No baby, I want more."

He laughed as he spun me around, as I went onto my side. He had my leg in the air as he stuck his cock back inside of me, he started to pump. We began to move together, we were in total sync as his penis pounded my 'pussy.' He put his large finger in my mouth, I sucked as I watched him above me, swirling my tongue on it. Then he took it out and put his thumb inside of me, his other fingers on my chin. He watched with a huge smile on his face as he thumbed my tongue as he played inside of me. I sucked him hard, I didn't want him to take his digits away from me.

Unfortunately, he pulled his fingers out and held my thigh, my lower half. Finally, I felt his cock squirt, he yelled and shook my entire body, I came inside of my basque making my lingerie wet and sticky.

"Fuuuuuuck Ray, deeper keep pushing, baby!" 

"Ha, knew you were going to love it," He moaned some more, he was out of breath as his sperm was deposited in my ass. He kept slapping as he pumped harder, as he kept filling my hole with more and more cum.

When we were spent I crawled back on the couch, sore in all the right places. As Ray stood up over me and kissed my blonde head of hair.

"Wait," Trey brought Geraldine closer to us, standing next to Ray. "Maybe we got a little time left, lets's try one more thing." And he laughed. He made both Geri and I sit against the couch, our heads back as the men looked down on us. Ray bent and played with my nylon legs. Geri had her forms off as Trey started sucking on her nipples, making them harder, making her hands shake as she cradled his dark-haired head in her arms.

"Oh Trey I just love holding a large black man, you are a perfect lover," She called as she pulled him closer to her, tighter on her breasts. Her hair floated around her face.

Trey moved, gave her another long wet kiss, and stood over her, Ray did the same with me. "Okay ladies head back and open wide."

They slowly dropped their balls into our mouths. We kissed we sucked. Then they pulled out, they introduced their hardening dicks into our mouths, both holding our hands as they lightly dipped them into our lips. Our long fingernails gripped onto their massive hands, their huge digits. We looked so small under these large muscular men.

"Mmm," I moaned as Ray shoved his cock into me even more. Soon they were moving their huge cocks inside of us, we strained to hold them tight with our lips. They pushed as they bent down, grabbing our arms so we couldn't stop the onslaught of their cocks entering us. They were moving closer down our throats, making us take them deeper than before. Geraldine and I were moaning our soft feminine sighs as the cocks reached down further, causing us to lose our breath, causing our eyes to tear. Their grips on our hands tightened as they pumped, as they fucked our mouths moving the couch further away from them, making us two 'girls' lean back further and further.

"Fuck' Ray moaned, "I'm gonna cum baby."

"Me too!" Trey, let go of Geri's hands and brought his dick into her mouth as he shot, as his cum started to pour into her mouth again.

Ray, had my hair in his hands now as his dick started to spurt, started to head directly into my belly, I swallowed, I couldn't breathe. He kept pumping as he came, as his white goodness dripped from my mauve lips.

Trey pulled out of Geri's mouth as she licked him clean, licking his length and balls, enjoying his scent and taste. "Mmm," She couldn't stop moaning as she enjoyed his big, massive black cock on her tongue and lips.


The four of us were on the leather couch, body parts all over each other, it had been an intense hour. We were exhausted as Mike came in to collect the men. 

"Okay, fellas say goodbye to the ladies." He smiled as we stood up and made out some more with the men, the athletes who were going to be amazing in their game, hard all weekend thinking about the two blonde sluts that made them feel like Gods, like perfect men. We watched their naked asses as they collected the clothes strewn all over the floor and table. One more wave and they were gone.

I poured some more white wine for each of us and handed Geri the new glass. "Wow, that was unexpected."

"It was, I had never cum so much in such a short time before. I can't wait until next time."

And we toasted to a successful Saturday, a very successful hookup. We leaned back on the couch and drank our wine in silence remembering the large cocks we had in our hands and lips. We stretched, shook the soreness out of our hips and bottoms, finishing the wine.

We heard the door. "Sabrina? Geraldine?" We turned Mike was once again leaning out the door. "Ready to meet the next two?" His eyebrows went up.

I looked over at Geri, "Next two?"

"Sure why not,"

We laughed, pulled out our compacts, and fixed our lips and hair. Turns out there was more even after the next two. It was going to be a busy day, it was a pretty big team.