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Wedding Belles Part 1

Wedding Belles (Part 1)
By Sabrina & Geraldine


Author's Note: Hi, glad you stopped by. Here is a nice sexy little story, just two mature T-girls having fun, meeting men and getting on with their lives. Nothing crazy, no big deal, just the usual, I hope YOU like it and thanks for reading.


"What a wedding? Really?"

"What's the big deal you never went to a wedding before?"

I was surprised, Geraldine wanted to go to a wedding, well as dates to two men we had just met... recently, real recently.

"Who's getting married?" I wondered. 

"Well, Archie and Bill's niece. One of the sister's daughters, Carol or Pamela, or maybe Sal." 

"Mmm," I said suspiciously like I knew who she was talking about. 

She was filing her nails, they were longer than usual, and they were black and pointy. "They want us to go, said it will be lots of fun." She looked up at me, I knew what she considered fun, but me, I wasn't so sure. I didn't think I was ready to meet a couple of nieces, or Carol, Pamela, or even a Sal. I had enough friends, I already knew too many people.

"And you REALLY want to go to this wedding, with other people, people we don't know?"

"I do." She finished filing her nails, she was blowing off the dust, her lips a circle of pink. She had an evil look in her eye. "I have a little bit of a surprise, heh. I mean I hate weddings but I think I will love this one."


We met Archie and Bill at a Club. 

Two weeks before we visited Hollyware a nice loud drag club in Hell's Kitchen, right in the heart of New York City's theater district. Geri was wearing her dark pink sequin dress, she had black lingerie underneath and her white five-inch platforms showing off her toes. Every once in a while her dress would ride up showing the tops of her thigh highs, we had a little cheering section right to the side of us, lurking.

Me? I had on gold today, just a simple dress, short, falling halfway between my knees and panties. I had on nude sheer pantyhose and a black bra hidden underneath, oh, and my black sandals with a thin ankle strap. The two of us were minding our own business, playing with our hair, drinking cranberry martinis, and watching the floor show through the mirror. We didn't come to this marvelous place for the singing or even the queens, we waited until it was over, that was when the real show began. We always sat at the far end of the bar with our favorite bartender, Mickey. We never paid for drinks, Mickey was quite an accommodating bartender.

"So ladies, loving the martinis?"

"Mmm, nice, feels great on my tongue." I smiled as my tongue licked my top copper lip.

"No one makes a drink like you do Mick." Geri, laughed as he walked over and kissed her, thanking her. Then he moved over to me. I loved making out at the bar, showing off my long nails while messing up the gorgeous bartender's hair.

We loved this part of the club with the floor-to-ceiling mirrors behind us, showing off our perfect asses, our long legs, and our brand-new heels. We just waited, sipped, and looked mysterious, we were waiting for the straight men from the other bars, or strip clubs to come in all horny, looking for someone to spend time with. That's where we came in, unfortunately, we were kind of picky. Well, I was.

"Hi ladies." A tall black man walked over to us. As soon as he walked through the bar, Geri noticed him. He was her type, tall, wide, and nicely dressed. 

"Hi." She smiled, moving the hair from her face, she looked up over her glasses. 

"I'm Archie, and this is my brother Bill, mind if we join you?"

I smiled, "Not at all, Brother Bill." He seemed nice, I knew that one would be mine. He was big too, but much lighter skinned than the other. The two of them were at least five inches taller than us, even with us in our crazy heels. We shifted a little, making room. We were now surrounded by testosterone. I could tell some of the other crossdressers, queens, and men were a little jealous.

We talked for quite a while. I liked to get to know someone, liked to hear about their lives, their jobs, their heartbeats, but not Geri she was all over Archie the moment he complimented her eyes.

"Very hot, can I see behind your glasses."


He took off her thin frames, then slowly kissed her. She had her hands with her long pink nails around his neck, playing with his hair. I sat sipping my martini making believe I didn't know those two.

"So, is this your first time here?" I smiled, Bill's eyes were dark brown, like his hair, like his body. I couldn't stop gazing at him.

"No, sometimes we come in, you know, after the show, we know one of the owners." He then reached out, touching my hair. It was long, it was golden blonde at the moment, and covered my silicone breasts. "You and your friend are quite beautiful, we noticed your smiles as soon as we walked in."

"Well thank you." I smiled, my copper lips glowing. "I am loving YOUR smile right now." And I tapped his lips with my long finger, my long copper-colored nail. He took it into his mouth, he sucked a little making my smile even bigger, making me warm and squishy. Once I had my finger back he moved closer, put his arms around me and we kissed. Our first kiss, it was nice. I kept my eyes open, I wanted him to see the long lashes and the more copper color over my eyes. 

I let his hands wander over my gold dress, the short sleeves, down my arms, and into my lap. Soon he was rubbing my thighs as I looked into his eyes, my fingers on his cheeks. We talked some more as he gave me light kisses on my lips, as he started to caress my nylon thighs a little more. I love making out with a man in front of everyone at the bar watching, it was so exciting. I especially love when a man whispers in my ear.

"So, do you always smell so good?"

"I do, I have expensive tastes." I smiled at him and then we kissed again, my arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him into me. Vibrating from the touch of his lips and hands. I put my hands on his chest and made my way down, playing with his zipper, and teasing him with my long nails.

'Mmm, your hands feel so good, should we be doing this here." He whispered again, he looked around. 

"Why? Scared?" And I slipped my fingers into his pants, right through the open zipper. I grabbed his hardness and waited for an answer. "Well?"

"No, no I'm okay." And he kissed me again as I rubbed his hard cock. His lips went to my cheek, my neck, then down to my silicone cleavage. I let him rub his face between my breasts as I played with him some more. I grabbed his manhood with both hands and started to pump as his face went deeper into the decolletage, closer to my body. His hands were now around my waist, pulling his face tighter into me. I started pumping harder as his cock stood out of his zipper, against my belly. I let him rub against the silk of my dress as we ground together, as my hands rubbed and played with his cock.

He started breathing heavier, making a lot of noises, I knew he was ready to have an orgasm, one right in my hands, right against my dress. I rubbed harder as his body thrust against me as the drinkers at the bar watched. Soon he started cumming into my hands as his lips kissed my boobs, then my neck. When he made it up to my lips again, my hands were full of his jism, his sticky goo was dripping from my hand to his legs. 

I caught Mickey's eye as I was making out once again with Bill, he motioned toward the other two next to us. They were getting louder.


I heard Geri, I stopped kissing and looked behind Bill. She had a devious smile on her face. She winked at me as her hands started moving down Archie's body. She bit her lip once she found something she liked and I was betting it was long and hard. 

"Mmm, should we take care of this?"

Archie laughed as he took her hand and led her away from the bar.

"I guess, your friend is going to enjoy Geri," I said as Bill turned around, we watched, me leaning on his hard body. 

Geri was against the wall with the huge black man in front of her. I saw the pink of her nails shining in the darkness of the quieter corner, she was pulling him into her as they kissed. His hands roamed her sides, her sequin dress. She was lightly moaning as he was kissing her neck, he bent and kissed her chest through the dress, and soon he was playing with her boobs and I heard Geraldine start to sigh a little louder. I knew what that sound was, Archie was in for a real treat. once a man touched her in the right way they were going to be rewarded with her mouth and fingers.


I heard her, I wonder what she found. Whatever it was she was quite surprised. I was surprised it took her this long, usually, she would have two orgasms by now. We watched Geraldine kneel between Archies legs, his head went back as she touched him. His large hands playing with her hair. She made him turn sideways so we could watch along with the rest of the bar. She winked, I knew she was going to enjoy this, she had his large black cock in her hands, it must have been ten, twelve inches long. I could tell she couldn't wait to wrap her lips around it.

I slipped my legs over Bill's, while we sat and got comfortable on the stools. I was leaning on the bar for support as we sipped our drinks and got ready for the show. Bill's hands went up my pantyhose, he rubbed my thighs again as I put my arm around his shoulder, just barely playing with his hair with my long nails.

We watched Geri rub her face against her new man's penis. Slowly, over her cheeks, her chin, in her hair.

"Your friend looks quite professional?" Bill gave me a sideways smile.

"She's not professional, this is just her hobby."

We watched as Archie slapped her with his huge tool, she had her tongue out as his cock played against her. She repositioned on her knees, taking a firm hold of his thighs, her lips once again on his cock, pushing him into his body. She licked up from his balls to the tip, we heard him laugh, he was enjoying himself. She held onto his ass, as she started to suck his balls, first the left, then the right, he was so big. We watched them enjoying each other.

Geri stopped and looked up at him, now holding his cock in her hands, teasing him with her long nails and eyes. She played as he watched, his eyes begging her to take him back near her lips. She rubbed as they held eye contact, she knew what he wanted, she knew he would be ecstatic once he was inside of her. She wanted it to last, she wanted to have fun, and she wanted to caress his big black cock.

"I need a man in my life, Sweetie." She kissed the tip of his dick, and a small dot of pre-cum formed, she licked leaving a long string from his cock to her lips.

"Do you?"

"I do."

"I could be that man, you know if you would like that."

She smiled up at him again, her pink lips happier than usual. "I would make you so happy." She then descended on his manhood, slowly taking him into her lips, slowly letting him enter her warm mouth. She moaned as he went deeper, showing off her skills, showing she knew how to treat a man like a King.

His hands went into her longer-than-usual blonde hair. "Mmm, Geri this feels incredible, mmm."

She started to suck, his cock resting in her mouth as she tasted him, enjoying the scent of his body, the feel of his boxers in her hands. She let him out, just a little then took him back inside, deeper. We watched as she gave him head, hiding in the corner, but still in view of the patrons sitting at the bar. 

His long hard cock slowly left her lips, he put his massive hands on her head and pushed her back onto his cock. He pushed slowly as his entire huge manhood disappeared. Geraldine made a slight moan, and a slight sigh as his cock was buried down her throat. Letting her head go, his cock once again sliding through her lips, he released her. She started sucking the head as she watched him, as his eyes closed, no man could last too long with Geri's lips around him.

"Once I swallow your cum, I will be yours ." She cooed, his eyes opened, and he watched her again.

"Okay, I want you, I will take care of you." Archies eyes closed again, his hands playing with her earrings, playing in her hair.

"That's what I want to hear." She giggled and then took him back to her lips, still holding his ass and sides as she pushed him into her. She took him deep as he thrust. We all watched as he started to fuck her mouth, as the spit, and precum dribbles down her chin. Her heels clicked on the tiles, trying to hold on as he pushes into her, then releases his mighty cock, sliding through her lips.

"Ah fuck.." Archie falls against the wall as the thrusts, as Geraldine now takes his cock into her hand while still in her mouth. She pumps him as she sucks, as he moans. her hair wildly flying around her face, the patrons are loving this show, we are all holding our breath waiting for Geri to let her new man cum.

She pumps him, she looks up at his satisfied expression, his huge smile, his white teeth. "I want all of your cum baby." Then she starts pumping with her two hands, his hard slippery cock getting close to her lips. Archie holds onto the wall as Geri plays hard with him, making him off-balanced. She licks the head, as it bounces against her tongue, her chin. She keeps pumping waiting for her reward, waiting for a huge load of cum from her new man. Her new huge black man, that has come into her life so unexpectantly.

"Ahh..." Archie moans again, louder, "Ahhh fuck baby." He starts to cum, it shoots into her face, on her hair, as she takes him back into her mouth. "Oh, my god..." The cum dribbles down her chin, and onto her breasts as she sucks. She pulls off, his cum dripping onto her. She smiles as he watches, as he keeps holding onto the wall for leverage. She descends on his dick again, sucking harder, sucking every bit of cum from his massive penis. 

"Mmm," Her hair still hiding her face, her breasts still bouncing in her pink dress. One more hard suck and she slips off of his cock, a long string of cum following her lips. "Well, Archie, having fun?"

"God, sweetie, I am. You are amazing."

She licks him clean, the cum slowly disappearing inside her. She moves the long string from her cheek into her mouth, and she swallows every bit of him, knowing that he is mesmerized, knowing that he will be hers, she will have him inside her again. She kissed the top of his dick, loudly, she is finished, she wants her man and everyone watching to know that the show is over. Standing she fixes her dress, then helps him tuck his cock back into his boxers, lift his pants up around his waist. She buttons him, zippers, then kisses his lips.

Archie, still against the wall, in a slight daze. He had never had a 'woman' suck his cock so thoroughly before, so fucking amazing. He had to follow through, he needed someone like this in his life. he grabs her, they kiss. Geri's arms are around his neck as she holds on, standing on her toes in her high heels. We watch, we watch as he loves her, feels her. 


"Mmm," She looks up at the perfect black man against her body."

"Are you doing anything next Sunday?"

"Not anymore, I think I am going to be spending it with you." She giggled, rubbing her hands all over his chest.

"Another martini?" Mickey breaks up the little lovefest happening next to us.

"Sure," I say, I smile, feeling Bill's hardness return as I rub my legs against him. "Might as well, we have all night."

"We do," Bill kissed me again. I ignored everyone else around us.


End of part 1