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Cross-Dressing For The Holidays

Cross-Dressing For The Holidays

Happy Holiday season from! Tis the season to be jolly with visions of sugar plum fairies dancing in our heads and what Santa will bring you. Every little kid wants toys for the holidays, but what about us big kids, and more to the point, us cross-dressing kids. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to tell the family what we really desire for the holidays?

Was it a list of items or was it something more? Perhaps a new pair of stockings and heels or a skirt or wig. How many of us even have wives or girlfriends that acknowledge our feminine side. Almost any gift for our femme side from a loved one would actually be a treasure.

A poll taken of cross-dressing men uncovered what many of us already know:

Yes — Clothes, her sense of style in a Christmas gift — 32.35%

Yes — Jewelry, she knows I love it if it sparkles! — 14.71%

Yes – Beauty products or services, she makes me feel pretty at Christmas — 17.65%

Yes — All sorts of feminine delights — 14.71%

No — She doesn’t know about my crossdressing — 11.76%

No — She doesn’t approve of my crossdressing — 26.47%

But if we could have anything for this holiday season I think we'd choose two gifts — the first to be accepted as who we are by our partner and family and the second to pass as a woman wherever we go (cue the perfect hair, makeup and outfit!). Everything else would be anticlimactic to these two wonderful gifts

But of course this is the time of year when we want to stretch the limits a bit and wear something really special and if you have the legs, then wear a dress that really shows them off. But even though there are often theme parties to go to, I don’t recommend a Mrs. Claus, Santa’s helper or elf outfit. We can certainly do better than that. Certainly all eyes would be drawn to the woman that wore this dress.

We know you get your jollies by dressing festively for the holidays (so do we), but there’s a difference between spreading good cheer and looking, well, TOO merry, notwithstanding that old joke about “eat, drink, and be Mary.”

So here are a few ideas from fashio expert, Jessica Stam on how to toe the fine line between embracing the season and looking like a Christmas tree — hint: if it looks too much like something an elf would wear, steer clear!

Avoid: Head-to-toe red — Is crimson your go-to holiday dress color? Avoid looking like Mrs. Claus in red, fit-and-flare dresses with wide, black belts (ho, ho, NO) and stick to separates. A red pair of skinny leather pants with a silk shirt or a red skirt with a tucked-in embellished top will look much more chic.

Avoid: Holiday-themed sweaters– Unless you’re a member of the Griswold or Huxtable clan, these bulky and bedazzled nightmare knits are not a good move. Try instead a more fitted, embellished sweater with skinny jeans and heels. Sequins or beading are a fun way to add to your holiday look without being too literal.

Avoid: Oversized bows — You’re not a present! Avoid looking like you belong under the tree instead of rockin’ around it and stay away from ostentatious bows with satin and taffeta. Tiny, flat, barely-there bows are much more on-trend, AND they’re way flattering.

Avoid: Over-accessorizing — Deck the tree, not yourself. Chandelier earrings, multi-strand necklaces, armfuls of bangles and fistfuls of rings are fun on their own, but when worn all at once it’s overwhelming! Take Coco Chanel’s advice and take off one thing before you leave home. A gold cuff and sparkly studs or a jeweled cocktail ring with a subtle necklace are all you need this season.

Avoid: Too much plaid — Nothing says “cozy” quite like a snuggly buffalo check or toasty tartan. But mixing the prints makes for a holiday no-no. A fitted flannel with skinny jeans and tall boots or a plaid scarf over a slim, knit top are easy and stylish ways to incorporate the pattern into your wardrobe without overdosing!

The one thing about holiday outfits is anything goes. And at Christmas, you can afford to vamp things up to the max. Whether you’re having drinks in a swanky bar, dancing the night away at a winter ball, or toasting the season with family and friends at home, your Christmas look should be knock out.

Color is still massive this year but holiday shdes include rich gemstone tones like blood red garnet, deep emerald, brilliant sapphire and metallic silvers. Scarlet has held its place in the 2012 color palette and is the perfect festive choice if you want to make an impact. We can all wear true red but honey blondes and dark brunettes will really steal the limelight.

Happy Holidays and may you find fun and acceptance all throughout the year!