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Permanent Transformation

My wife Julie found out that I was a cross dresser two years

ago when she inadvertently found my secret wardrobe of female

clothing hidden in our attic. I tried to explain my feelings but

without any acceptance for over a year, during this period our

sex life eroded to almost nothing and I felt truly worthless.

The only relief for me was the rare opportunities to cross dress

when she was away on business. I always wondered what Diana was

getting from our marriage and I was left to be lonely and


Julie never explained where she would go or for what reason she

poured everything into her work. Our marriage in my opinion was

falling apart and there was nothing I could do to improved the

situation. Julie was a very successful attorney and a beautiful

woman and I was very lucky to be married to her. I envied her

feminine good looks and business success. She never approved of

my dressing but would say, "as long as you keep it private and

contained to the home she would tolerate my problem because she

refused to even think of getting a divorce."

There started my real problems. I recently lost my job and I

rarely had contact with anyone. I began to search out some form

of companionship. I should have known better but I searched the

Internet for another cross dresser, like myself who wanted to

share our interests. I found another T-girl named, Raven. She

and I e-mailed each other for several months. The day final came

that I wanted to meet face to face. Julie was to be away for a

week and I made an appointment to meet Raven.

That was mistake number 2; I would be leaving the sanctity of

our home for the first time fully dressed as a woman. This is

something I had never done and would violate the rules directed

by my wife. I got up in the morning alone and wanted our meeting

to be perfect. I took a long hot, perfumed bath and shaved my

whole body to further pursue my image of a totally feminine

body. I put on my silk robe and sat to do my nails. I shaped and

painted my fingernails a rich red color and then my toenails. I

knew that no one but me would see my toenails since I planned on

wearing pumps but I wanted to feel as feminine as possible. I

then did my makeup but felt disappointed when I saw that my

eyebrows looked too full. I was too scared to pluck them into

thin, highly arched feminine eyebrows because I knew Julie would

surely see them when she got home. The crowning touch was my

long blond wig I placed upon my own rather long hair. I always

wanted my own long hair, but it was another point of argument

between by wife and myself. She never said a word but I could

tell she was annoyed that I let it grow as long as I did. I

looked into the mirror and my most feminine self-looked back.

The final addition was clip on hoop earrings, I always wanted to

use pierced earrings but again was afraid to anger my wife with

holes in my ear lobes. A long final look in the mirror and a

feminine flip of my head and I felt just perfect.

Once made up I started the process of getting dressed.  I first

slipped into a black thong panty, which always make me feel more

womanly and then put on a black long line bra and filled the

cups out with old stockings. I have looked into buying breast

forms but didn't want to further inflame my wife's anger. I then

pulled on some sheer black pantyhose. The final addition is a

firm black panty girdle, which holds me in very securely. I then

put on a lacey full slip and have selected one on my wife's good

business suits. She and I are almost the same size and I wanted

to present the image of a successful businesswoman, very much

like my own wife, at the initial meeting with Raven.

That was mistake number 3, borrowing my wife's clothing. At this

point I could only think about the meeting with another T-girl.

Not once thinking how my wife would feel, with me her husband

wearing her very expensive clothing. I put on a pair of black 3"

heels and filled one of Julie’s expensive purses with my money,

ID and keys. I looked one last time in the mirror and was very

pleased with my transformation. I just realized that I should

spray myself with some of Julie’s perfume before I leave the

house. After using one of her most alluring fragrances, now not

only did I look like a woman I even smelled like one too. At the

time I did not realize I was remaking myself into a rendition of

my own wife.

My stomach felt like it was going to get sick from all the

excitement and nervousness. My hands were shaking as I grabbed

the car keys and walked to the front door. The moment of truth

had arrived and I was going out as Laila for the very first

time. I opened the door and stepped out into the daylight as a

beautiful woman, just as though I did this every day of my life.

It felt great. I walked to the parked car my heels clicking on

the pavement and opened the car door. I seated myself first as

any natural woman would; swinging my legs into the car in the

same manner I have watched my wife elegantly enter a car. I

closed the door and placed the key, gripped by my own luxurious

manicured fingers, into the ignition and started the car. My

senses were heightening and the feel of my own high heels on the

car pedals and very feminine fingers gripping the steering wheel

were unique experiences.

I drove to the restaurant and spent the next hours being

accepted as Laila Shore, successful businesswoman. Raven

and I spent a wonderful time comparing stories and dreams of

feminine situations. We then did some shopping and made plans to

meet again tomorrow night. I felt so special once I got home. I

planned to sleep that night in one of my wife's long, sensual,

frilly nightgowns. I did all the nightly beauty preparations I

have witnessed by wife perform and after putting on her most

feminine nightgown I entered our bed as she would each night. I

dreamt about the plans for the next night on the town and how I

would feel as the lovely Laila Shore and what I could do to

make myself even more feminine. The experiences reacted like a

drug and I wanted more.

I had spent the day fully dressed as a businesswoman and made

plans to dress even more daring for our next adventures. I

selected a silk cocktail dress from my wife's side of the

closet. I did not know at the time how each encroachment into

her things would increase her anger and resolve to make me pay

for those foolish mistakes. I dressed more sexually this time

and wondered how others would receive my appearance as a woman.

I never had any homosexual thoughts and never realized how a man

might come on to me while dressed.

Raven came and picked me up and we two "hot" looking women went

to a lively nightspot. We found a corner booth and Raven ordered

some wine and we chatted "girl" talk between ourselves. The waitress brought us two fresh drinks and told us it was from two

very handsome businessmen at the bar. We smiled at them and

waved. The men came over and asked to join us, Raven, who had

more experience being in public said yes. Each of the men slid

into the booth, shutting off the means to escape. Jon, the guy

seated next to me caught sight of my long exposed legs I had

foolishly displayed with me being so new to public dressing as

a female. I felt very self-conscious and tried to cover my thigh

with my clearly feminine hand and Jon instantly rubbed my nylon-

covered leg. They became more forward and we said we had to go

home. As I stood up to leave Jon kissed me before I could react.

He also placed his hand on my ass and gave it a rub at the same

time. Raven and I laughed all the way home. If only those guys

knew who we really were under the carefully applied make up and

feminine clothing, they would have died. Before leaving me at my

home, Raven and I made plans for tomorrow I was having so much

fun I didn't want it to end.

I was getting more confident as Laila and for the next day I

planned to wear Julie’s favorite outfit. This was my worst idea

and I had no idea what was going to happen to me for that error

in judgment. It was a very sexy black lace dress with lots of

lace and a very short skirt. It fit perfectly and I loved how it

made me look. New smoky hose and matching lingerie came next and

sleek spike heels matched the outfit. I put on my make up and

loved the attention Raven and I was getting and wanted to look

even more desirable today.

I teased the hair on my wig and decided I looked hot enough. I

got my purse and keys and headed to the car to pick up Raven for

lunch. As I was between the car and the house I froze in my

heels when I heard Julie’s voice. "Well, well, well!! What do we

have here?" Julie taunted as I stood in shock in the driveway.

"Very pretty, lets see.. What was your name? Oh yes, Laila,

Laila Shore, wasn't it? Oh, I see you are now even wearing

my very best clothing, we will have to see about that!" she

continued. I gasped as she told me to go back to the house and

kept calling me Laila. I knew I was in trouble.

Once in the house she handed me a thick envelope. "I think you

will find this very amusing."

I opened it and was stunned as she had over 100 pictures of

Raven and me fully dressed as women all over town, shopping,

having lunch and even the little episode with the men. There was

even a photo of when Jon kissed me and felt my ass. "I had you

followed, you know I am an attorney and need to keep my private

life spotlessly clean. You know how I felt about your dressing

and you going out flaunting it in public. We are going to have

some changes starting right now. For starters, Laila, we are

going out to dinner tonight and that outfit is not special

enough for your new adventures I have planned. There are two

gorgeous men who are taking us to a very exclusive restaurant this evening. 

Since you enjoy men so much and being such a

feminine girl I know you will have as much fun with me as you

did with Raven," explained Julie.

I protested but she slapped me and told me to shut up. Just like

a woman, talking too much. She told me if I disobeyed anything

she tells me to do that I will be exposed to all my friends as

the faggot, who dressed up in his wife's clothing and pretended

to be a girl. That was her initial means of control and I could

not then foresee to what lengths she would go to in the future

to further enslave me. At this point all I wanted to do is keep

my cross dressing our secret. She had a wild look in her eye and

I knew better than to object.

"First get out of my best outfit and put on something else till

we get you your own clothing." As I removed her dress she saw

the cups of my bra. "You need something more pliable and

realistic than old stockings that you use to fill out the cups

of your bra. I brought you some very realistic breast forms. I

need you to remove your bra so I can attach them to you

properly," she ordered. She cleaned my chest and applied the

adhesive to the forms and held them in place till the glue

dried. She applied more glue and blended the seams with a

special make up. I could hardly tell where the forms ended and

I began. "We don't want your date ripping them off! Lean forward and enjoy the womanly weight of your new breasts," as she

reinstalled my bra to contain the massive breast forms I now had

securely bonded to my skin. She laughed at me. "Now that I've

given you a very womanly chest and think you need to know what

it's really like being a woman. I think you need to feel ultra

feminine and I know of no other womanly event then having your

period." She made me lower my girdle and hose and then forces a super size tampon into my anus. "Now you know how you fucked

me pretending at being a woman, you wanted to do girly things, now

you can suffer just like a real woman." She handed me a sanitary and and demanded I place it in my panties before I pull them up.

"From now on you will have to sit on the toilet just as any

other woman and pee just like one of us." I put on another of

her conservative business suit and Julie redid my makeup. I

looked into the mirror and looked just any other business woman

dressed to go to work, but now felt the very real weight of my

new bust and the tampon now lodged deep within me.

Julie took me to her favorite dress store and I was forced to try on various dresses of her choice. She selected a

very tight black sequined dress for me to wear that night. It

was a bit tight but Julie said after the pending corset fitting,

it would fit perfectly. After buying the dress I was taken to a

lingerie store. Julie walked up to the owner and told her that

I needed to be fitted in a tight black corset. It was apparent

that prior plans had been made for this fitting because the

the shopkeeper knew all about me. I was led to the rear of the store and told to undress. My bra was removed and I felt very exposed

with my newly attached breast forms, but not for long. I stood

if front of this woman with my glued on breast forms sagging

just as any natural woman's. The shopkeeper commented, "I see

that your wife has seen to assure you the full reality of being

a very fully endowed lady. Your new breasts look very real and

I would think you would like them properly supported."  The corset Julie had selected has full cups which grasp the breast

forms and once the front busk was closed I sense that I would

appear very sexy in the new dress. The owner began to lace me

tighter and tighter. My breasts were amply supported and my

ribcage was made smaller by the powerful garment. I was allowed

to walk about while the new corset adapted to my body. After

about a half hour the lacing was retightened and I commented

that I thought the corset was way too tight. The owner said to

me "a woman must suffer to make herself attractive for her man

and your wife will need to retighten the corset before you go

out on your date. Now let us try on your dress." What was once

extremely tight, fits my newly formed body like a second skin.

I looked in the mirror and I have a body to die for.

Our next stop was the nail salon. Here I was seated and the girl

was instructed to apply 2" acrylic nails to my fingers. As the

girl worked on me I wondered how I was going to get these off.

The process looked very permanent and I was getting very

worried. I asked Julie how was going to return to being a man

with these rather permanent looking feminine fingernails and

attached breasts.

"Just worry about looking and acting as a perfect lady for your

date tonight," Julie slyly laughed. Bright red polish was

applied and I was slowing being changed into a female. The next

stop was the beauty salon and there I began to wonder if I would

ever again be allowed to be a man again. The wig was removed and

the beautician informed me Julie had ordered a full and very

complete make over. Firstly hair extensions were securely

attached to my own hair. My lengthened hair was washed, cut,

bleached a bright blond and then rolled up tightly upon an

assortment of pink rollers.

Once all the rollers were placed, a permanent lotion was applied

to my newly dyed hair I caught a look in the mirror. My head was

covered with a multitude of rollers and I now looked like any

other woman in the salon. I was placed under a dryer and felt my

hair tighten about the curlers. Once my hair was dry, the

rollers were removed, my hair was then styled into a very

feminine hairstyle on long silky blond curly tendrils hanging

about by face.

All I could do was sit bound up in the extremely tight corset

and look at the very feminine hands I now have thanks to the

nail technician. I watched as my attached false breasts rise and

fall as I labored for breath and I had no idea how I can remove

them, if Julie would allow me to, but that did not appear to be

an option. She continued the attack on my remaining masculinity

and started to pluck my eyebrows into two very thin feminine

lines more radically shaped than I ever could imagine doing

myself. Individual long artificial eyelashes were glued among my

own eyelashes and then coated a deep black. I could feel the

weight of the new fuller lashes and sensed an increased feminine


The final assault was two permanent holes punched into each of

my ear lobes and first long dangle hoops were put through the

lower holes and then diamond studs in the upper holes.

As she applied my new evening make up she joked with Julie how

I must have been a very bad boy but thanks to her I now appeared

to be a very good girl. I looked in the mirror and I was in

shock, no trace of my former male self remained. I now looked

like a beautiful and very feminine woman.

"I hope you are happy with your present appearance, because I

plan to keep you looking like that from now on. You will become

my new girl friend and live with me in our home, but from now on

living in the guest room, since you now look 100% like a woman

and not anything like my husband. We will do everything as two

women from dating to weekly visits to get our nails and hair

done. I will tell everybody you left me for another woman. No

one will realize the other woman is in reality you. I will get

a permanent identity change for you so I can legally keep you as

a woman for the rest of your life."

I begged her to stop before it was too late. "It is already too

late. Just look at yourself, do you think anyone would know it's

really you looking at the woman you appear to be now. I think

you make a far better girlfriend than a husband. I have spent so

much time and effort on creating your appearance you better just

get use to being a woman."

I pleaded with Julie that I don't want to be a woman, but she

just laughed at me and said: "You should have thought about that

before wearing my clothing and pretending to be a girl. You just

need to sample your new reality because you don't have any


We got home and awaited our date's arrival. I was given black

silky seamed stockings to put on and I was instructed that my

seams must be absolutely straight since men like the provocative

look. Next black patent leather pumps with slim ankle straps

were tossed at me; I sat on the bed and secured the ankle straps

with great difficulty due to my new extended feminine

fingernails and my newly lengthened hair falling over my face.

I slowly stand and Julie re-tightened the lacing of the corset

before helping me into my new dress. She forcefully rose and

secured the rear zipper encasing me into what I know is a very

sensual feminine dress. She next attached to me a shiny diamond

bracelet and necklace. The gold hoop earrings were replaced with

long dangle diamond earrings Julie hooked and locked into the

lower holes in my earlobes to complete my look. Julie next

removed her own diamond engagement and wedding rings from her

left hand and handed them to me. "I think you should be the one

wearing these from now on to further enhance your new position

in our relationship as the woman with a married past, since you

no longer look anything like my own husband and now you can play

the part of the suffering wife."

I reluctantly put them both on my left hand as would a woman and

feel that another critical step in my feminization had occurred.

Julie forced me to stand in front of the full length mirrors and

berated me: "You wanted to dress and pretend to be a woman, well

now we are no longer pretending and I have even more womanly

adventures in store for you! I believe I have made you into much

more of a woman than any of your fantasies and I have no plans

of ending your feminization." 

I had to slowly descend the stairs due to the confinement of the

dress and my extremely high heels to open the door and greet the

two men, who were taking us out that night. I brought them in

and walked ahead of them to our living room. I knew their eyes

were on my butt and I knew that was due to the tightness of the

dress and the dark seams on my black hose tightly attached to my

garters and the fine silky, curly, blond, hair swaying as I

walked. I was giving a great show and helpless to stop what

Julie had planned for my humiliation. The two men were named Jim

and Brad, and Brad was to be my date for this night. Julie

called me to come to her. She sprayed me with some more perfume

and told me she expected me to act very nice to my date. She

said "I don't expect you to go all the way tonight due to you

having your period, but other than that you better act as the

very seductive woman I have transformed you into and give your

date a very pleasant time".

I was now totally trapped and horrified at the instructions

Julie wanted me to follow. I stood teetering in my high heels,

my body encased within an extremely tight corset and dressed to

kill in a very tight sexy dress; my hair and makeup reflexed the

image of a very sexy desirable woman and my wife demanding I now

live the part with no hope of returning to being a man. I looked

just like my dream image but I am horrified at the same time.

She handed me a silk evening bag and all that is in it is a

replacement tampon, a small perfume spray and lip stick which

matched the shade I have on. There was no money, ID or credit

cards, so I will totally dependent on Julie or my date tonight.

Lastly her own silver fox jacket was given to me to wear and I

remember how seductive and vulnerable she looked wearing it and

now I would be seen as the woman seen wearing it. This further

heightened my fears.

She escorted me back to our dates and introduced me as Laila

Shore, an old girlfriend of hers and that I am now separated

from my husband and would be living with her till I got re-

established as a single woman after a very demeaning marriage.

She made me show that I was still wearing my rings but that I

really knew that the marriage is over and that I would be

starting a new phase in my life and just needed a little time

and tenderness from the right man before I became comfortable

being a single woman again. She further embarrassed me by

telling that unfortunately for me it's "my time of the month"

and hoped I would be good company tonight.

I was on the verge of tears totally embarrassed by the new

position my wife had forced upon me. Brad reached around my

waist and gently kissed me on the cheek as he brushed my hair

from my face and I felt his other hand lower to grasp my behind.

Jim greeted my wife, Julie, with a very passionate embrace and

kiss all I could do was stand and watch as she emitted a very

womanly moan to further emasculate me.

I was instructed to bring our dates a glass of wine to start our

evening. I began to open a bottle of wine, but Brad rushed over

and surrounded me and opened it for me. He was eyeing me up and

I didn't know how to respond since I had never been in this

womanly position before.

Julie told me to start flirting with my date and act as she did

with Jim or she would make tonight a living hell for me. Julie

promised to give me an advanced degree in the arts of being a

woman. Brad offered a toast and said how lovely I looked and how

he planned to show me a great time and treat me with a great

degree of physical interaction. After emptying his glass, he

embraced me and gave me a passionate kiss. I felt his full mouth

on my lips and then the thrust of his tongue into my mouth and

due to his firm embrace had to endure the attack as a natural

woman might under similar conditions.

My first date was a series of new experiences and I hoped I

would  complete my first night as a "real" woman without any

further problems arising. I had forgotten that my wife moved in

an elite circle and I would be in public with a man who was

expected to treat a lady with respect. Since I now looked the

part of a natural woman, I should be accorded that honor. Before

leaving I was helped into my sensual silver fox fur coat and at

this moment I knew my life was now altered and I was helpless to

steer the direction my life would take in the future. Julie, my

wife, had complete control and I had better do everything she

planned for me and that included being a woman for the balance

of my life. I walked out the door and I knew that I was Laila Shore

and that a whole new life was starting.