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Tips for Choosing The Right Gaff

The last thing any girl wants is to have the masculine “bulge” showing when she’s wearing a skirt, dress, pants or any feminine clothing! It is a dilemma for some men, and not so much for others. Men who strictly stay indoors to cross dress are sometimes not as concerned with that part of their anatomy, but we’ve found that most men want their fronts to be smooth and as flat as possible! Some men tape their genitals back, but why go through a process that can be uncomfortable and messy when you can simply buy an undergarment that will achieve the same results? That’s why many men choose to own at least one gaff panty to do the trick

Gaffs are not new. This type of “flattening” underwear has been around for years. Also called a cache-sex, gaffs are made of different materials and designs. As female clothing has evolved, so has the gaff panty. has designed and manufactures FIVE different gaffs, which is an indication that over the last 15 years that has been in business, cross dressing men have demanded different gaff designs to accommodate changing styles. Let’s take look at the different gaffs that we have designed and manufacture right here in S. Florida:

The Ultimate Genital Hiding Gaff, Thong Style

Our “work-horse” gaff and our original design! This gaff is a thong-style gaff, with a wider and thicker three-layer front panel to help keep the “boys” in check! The front panel has a stiff material sewn right into it, which keeps the front flat after tucking the genitals to the rear. This gaff comes in many colors: Black, Red, Nude, White, Raspberry Red, Rose Pink, Light Pink, Black Satin, Lace Front, Zebra..., and more colors are being added all the time! The thong style gaff can be worn alone or with another panty over it, it’s your choice! There are five different sizes to fit almost every gal, from Xtra-Small to Xtra-Large. Do not be fooled by companies claiming to make our gaff. Only SOR, Inc. and manufactured these superior gaffs. Gaffs made overseas are nothing more than flimsy thong underwear. When you purchase a gaff, you want it to do the job! Click Here to see our Ultimate Genital Hiding Gaffs!

Brazilian Back Gaff
Some men want to wear a fuller, more traditional style panty gaff, and that’s where a Brazilian Back gaff is a great choice! Made with a wider back, it covers most of the butt, and is usually worn alone, without another panty covering it. The front panel is also wider, and has our stiff panel front to keep it flat. Available in Black, Pink or Nude, this gaff is a great choice when you want a full-panty effect from your gaff. Click here to see our Brazilian Back Gaffs!

Hiding Gaff With Tube Gaff With Tube

As gaffs became more necessary for a crossdresser wardrobe, they also became more innovative! The Hiding Gaff with Tube is a great example! This Brazilian back gaff has a sewn in soft tube in the crotch, which is where the genitals are inserted. The tube is then secured around the genitals and tucked back towards the rear, keeping them snugly hidden from the front of the garment, and out of view! Click here to see our Genital Hiding Gaffs with Tube!

The Hide-Away Adjustable Pocket Gaffs
Sometimes you want a little adjustment! developed the adjustable gaff a number of years ago for those gals who want more control over the tightness of the gaff. Our Hide-Away Pocket Gaff collection is made with adjustable straps, similar to a bra. Sliding clips allow you to pull the built in pocket more towards the rear, making the front flatter. The pocket is perfect for those men who are average size. Simply tuck the genitals into the front pocket of the gaff and adjust the back to your desired snugness. This gaff is available in different sizes and colors, and can be worn alone or with another pair of feminine panties on top. We also offer a three-strap pocket gaff, which adjusts not only in the middle, but also on the sides of the butt, for ultimate control! Another innovative design means more options for you! Click here to see our exclusive Hide-Away Gaff!

So, now you have all the information about choosing the right gaff for you! The question is, which one will it be?