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Crossdressing Stories

Stories about crossdressing and feminizing for pleasure. We are always taking new submissions! Please email your story to us at [email protected] and it might be published. All stories will be published anonymously.
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Making The Sale

I suppose I should have listened to my inner voice warning me not to go in but I didn't. I stepped into the upscale women's clothing store just to look around. The store had just opened and I saw that Liz was working today.  read more >

Wendy's Sister Has Plans

There I stood, dripping wet, looking at the clothes laying on my bed. I was hoping my suspicions were wrong. But, the more I thought about it, the more the dread started to kick in. I was staring at one of my stepsister’s outfits. read more >

My First Time As A Girl X-Rated Part 2

I got to my feet and made my way to the bathroom again, my killer heels giving my hips a sexy sway and looking back over my shoulder I could see John appreciating the sight, I had a quick pee and then cleaned off my ruined makeup and went back to the vanity table to repair the damage. read more >

My First Time As A Girl X-Rated Part 1

Posted by Rayne
The time in question I was just turned 17 years of age and living with my parents and elder sister in Cornwall. I spent a lot of my spare time helping out at a small caravan site in the woods close to my house and got on well with John, the owner of the site. John was in his late 20’s or early 30’s and was a good-looking guy and very pleasant to work with. read more >

The Letter

One time my therapist asked me what would have to happen before I transitioned. I told her that I would have to disclose at work and to tell my parents. Little did I know they would both happen in the same week... read more >

Paula's Journey (18+ Material)

This is a story about truth, love and loss... read more >

Cheeky Maid (18+ Material)

 "What was in the package from France?", she asked. He responded slowly, "nylons". His night only got better from there...
read more >

Permanent Transformation

My wife Julie found out that I was a cross dresser two years ago when she inadvertently found my secret wardrobe of female

clothing hidden in our attic.

read more >

My First Time In Panties (Adult 18+)

My first time wearing panties...The memories are just as sweet today as my

days back in the dorm...

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Crossdressing Confessions Part One

Here are some confessions about crossdressing. These are real stories from real men...ADULT MATERIAL!

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